Does Social Deprivation Relate To Crime?

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How often do people think of engaging in criminal behavior? Most people think avoiding criminal behavior is not a difficult task and should be able to be avoided easily. This is sadly not always the case. There are many circumstances and many theories about criminal behavior and the reasons why certain people partake in the actions. Throughout childhood, the chance of a person engaging in criminal behavior later in life can raise because of lack of knowledge of good morals, a high rate of bad circumstances or other struggles throughout their early lifetime.
The lack of knowledge about the correct morals is one very important in determining whether or not a person may engage in criminal behavior later in their life. When a person doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong, they don’t know the limits of what they should and should not do. Learning the moral standards for what is right or wrong is something that many people learn and think of easily, but in a childhood where these teachings are never mentioned, they have no ability to judge what they should be doing. In the article by Lippke, he states “morals are the basis of all knowledge.” Similarly, Ferguson reports “Morals are taught at the beginning for a reason. This is what fuels the beginning of correct choices.” This supports the idea of morals being provided because people truly have nowhere and nobody to look up to. When something bad happens to them, they know no other way to respond. Some people say that even though basic morals were never directly taught to the children, there would still be available role models and some ways for them to learn to do better later in life. Sadly, this is not always the case. In some cases, children live in crime filled cities and suburbs and know nothing less. There are no good role models for them to look up to. Crime is all they have seen. These deprived areas are hard to change because of the habits. This has created an ongoing cycle that is difficult to break, which is what pushes this “tradition” to continue.
The more bad circumstances people encounter, the more tempting it is for them to engage in criminal behaviors. When there is a difficult situation, the easiest way out may be through criminal behavior. Only some are able to turn away from temptation. It may be easier for some people than others to do so. When a person is bombarded with so many of these situations, it becomes much harder for them to resist criminal behavior. This is stated according to Lippke, in his article “Diminished Opportunities, Diminished Capacities: Social Deprivation and Punishment.” He states, “the socially deprived much more often find themselves facing hard choices about whether to engage in some form of illegal conduct or to remain law-abiding.” As Lippke continues to say, other people also run into difficult situations, and many can still find a law-abiding way out of their choices. Although this is true, many people do not face as many hard choices...

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