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Does Social Media Effect The Way Teenagers View Themselves?

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Simon Mainwaring, social media specialist, is quoted to saying, “Social media demands a lot of us on top of our already demanding lives.” In this day in age, media has boomed more rapidly than it ever has. Images are constantly flashing on our screens; we are being fed information concerning media on a regular basis. Due to the media it is effecting teens physically, mentally, and emotionally. Media is damaging the teens in this day of age.
Statistically this topic is a big issue to everyone based on the environment. At the age of thirteen 53% of American girls are “unhappy with their bodies”. This percentage grows to 78% by the time the time they are seventeen. (Teen and health ...view middle of the document...

Media has given this generation an expectation on how girls and boys need to look. The way they approach this subject is in a harsh tone. Girls are mostly impacted it seems more than boys do concerning the “image” that the media has on store. Studies have shown that with the way that girls are maturing at an earlier age than they use to because of the images that the media is having them see on the screens that they are looking at. Another way the media are effecting teens in this generation is the advertisements that you see on television. Most of the commercials are; beauty products, weight control, and clothing apparel. The media have figured out other ways to get these images out to teens besides televisions. They have shown images through; social media, magazines, posters in stores, and, bulletin boards.
Peer pressure is probably the biggest way that social media and media in general have been able to affect the way teens see themselves. When teens live in this generation it is as if there is one way to be “popular “or be considered” likeable” or even “fit in” with everyone around. Clothing is one of these reasons because most people have this mindset that the media has developed in teens is that everyone needs to wear certain clothes, or wear a certain clothing brand because that is what everyone wearing and that’s one of many ways to “fit in”. The media knows that if a friend or the people around are dressed the same thing you are going to be convinced that the way they are dressing is the way that you need to dress. Generation pressure is also a big factor to the media. Every generation has its own views on how to dress, how to act, and how to look at you. Teens have the hardest issues to deal with. They are constantly being thrown to them on how they need to look, or how they need to act. To me it’s as if the media has us on a leash as if we are the puppies and they are the owner because they have so much more power in our eyes than we do ourselves. Media has us as teens believing that they are what we need to focus on. That they are the big issues in our life; that everything that they say is true and that we need to believe them. They know how to target teens because they know how we act. How we think and how we learn. They know the majority of teen’s strengths and also our weaknesses. To me that shows that media is picking at our brains and getting the generation as a whole involved and that’s how the media is growing.
This topic raises questions to some parents when it comes to social media and how it affects the teens they have and also the children around them. Is this a big issue? Does it really a big impact on teens? It’s probably one of the biggest...

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