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Does Society Accepts Every Type Of Genders And Sexualities?

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What truly makes a boy? What truly consists of a girl? These are questions that many have struggled with since the beginning of time. Do we call a females girls just because of their body and long hair? What happens when a guy grows his hair out? What develops us into who we really are? Is it our parents, our friends, or our society? For hundreds of years, girls and boys have constantly faced the issue of figuring out who they truly are, whether that means they are into the same sex, or bi. Many people wonder what truly causes boys and girls to like each other, but when one looks deeper, it is easy to see how society affects one gender or sexuality. Societies gender and sexuality are affected by who one grows up with, how one interacts with society, and one’s DNA. Many characters in Crown of Dust, by Mary Volmer, face these issues.
Back in the 19th and 20th century, many fam1 v ilies were much larger than they were today (Achievments). Many families usually consisted of five to ten kids. Parents did this to have more help in the kitchen or on the farm. Others saw kids as a work force, and a easy way to make more money by sending them to work each day. Although, in present day it is much less common to see a family of ten kids, it is not impossible. What is common today is to have three to four kids, and sometimes, there can be three boys and one younger sister. As the girl grows up with her older brothers, they affect her constantly in her life, what she eats, watches, and plays. She could even be roughed around by the brothers, while they constantly fight with eachother. An outcome of this can sometimes be a tomboy. A tomboy is a girl who likes boys and knows shes a girl, but dresses like a guy and hangs out with guys. They are also commonly known to grow up with either just a father, or multiple brothers (Words). In this case, the “society”, which in this case is the sister’s brothers, affected her gender. Does this mean that the girl would have been a tomboy without her brothers? This specifically relates to a character in Crown of Dust, by Mary Volmer, named Alex who ran away from her husband to hide in a mining town. One can assume that if Alex did not have a bad experience as being a wife she would not have to run away. This shows how all of society affects what we do and how we react to certain situations, including gender.
Throughout life, many experience the joys and lows of playing sports. Sports are great because they combine learning a skill, executing the skill, and usually participating in a team environment. Boys have always had advantages over girls for many reasons when it comes to sports due to physical advantages that men are born with. In young age groups, it is commonly hard to distinguish whether to have a co-ed league or two separate leagues. Girls who grow up playing sports develop things that many other non athletes do aggression, hard work, and sometimes experience with boys. Sometimes though, girls who do not go...

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