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Does Society Use Technology To Create Jobs Or Destroy Jobs?

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Many would argue that technology destroys jobs, and to a point they would be correct, but the simple fact is things change. As new technology arrives on the scene so does the opportunity for different jobs. Still, there will be jobs lost.
For example let’s consider the farmer. If we look at the way farming was done for many generations we can easily see that it took many hands to operate even a small scale farm. Since there was no mechanized equipment it could take many men, or at least the whole family, working from sun rise until sun set and often into the night just to feed animals, clean stalls, plant crops, weed crops, harvest crops, chop firewood etc…Even cleaning up at the end ...view middle of the document...

Those machines in turn must be retooled for new models, a process that still takes the work of humans so while the assembly jobs have dwindled, tooling jobs have evolved as well as technician positions. As plants have become more automated they require more electricity so the need for more electricians (of all kinds) has been created as well. They are needed in the plant to troubleshoot and repair these new high tech machines, as well as at the utility and all points in between to provide power to run the plant.
The production of energy has changed too over the years, where it may have taken dozens of men to work a typical power plant on a single shift only a handful of men oversee the fully automated process today. Consider nuclear power; a small crew of people can tend to the production of previously unheard of power from a single plant.
Still the need for products has created an entire industry. Transportation of people and goods provides millions of jobs all over the world. With some trucking companies employing tens of thousands of drivers alone. Then there is the support staff, people like dispatchers, freight brokers and safety officials. Of course once those trucks leave the docks they will need even more people to support...

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