Does Technology Affect Students In A Positive Way?

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Technology has become one of the most important things students use on a daily basis. The ever-growing increase in technology has had a lasting effect on students both positive and negative. No matter what the future holds, technology will always be used, it is inevitable. Technology is very beneficial to helping students learn instead of using the traditional way. Although some such as will argue that technology can affect students in a negative way, overall the beneficial part of technology outweighs the bad of technology.
One major positive outcome of technology on students is they have access to information from all around the world at their finger tips. They can access everything they need with ease, and have a better chance of creating quality work. Although, some say students may become too dependent on technology because of the fast speed access to the worlds information, this is still a positive thing because students do not have to go out of their way to find information needed for a class. Students of the digital age have the amazing chance of being able to gather all the information available from around the world to create real-life learning experiences, great research papers and a number of other things, unlike previous generations.
Technology not only affects students while in school but outside of school as well. Technology has created better opportunities for young students to become successful online. Because of things like YouTube, twitter, instagram, and other social media sites, there has been an increasing trend in students becoming internet famous, and making money off the internet. Studies from the show that 73% of students have social network accounts, and people ages 16 -25 have a large fan base on multiple social sites. Although, there is a downfall to social networking sites such as cyber bullying and predators, social networks can be a great way to interact with other people and stay connected with the world.
Another great thing about technology is how students can take classes from the comfort of their home. A report from Marketdata Enterprises Inc. found that 30% of students enroll in online classes. Marketdata predicts by 2015 this number will increase to 37% of students enrolling to online education programs (Jeff This helps students that with their educational from their own home. Taking online classes helps students become more independent. The downfall to taking online classes may be that it can help people become lazier and have bad social skills because they are not moving around as much, like in a regular school, and they are also not interacting with others. Although there are many advantages to taking online classes there are also a few disadvantages. ______ Says that the disadvantages of taking online classes are “
Another positive benefit to technology is that it helps students applying to college. A survey from an online college and scholarship matching service run by...

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