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Does Technology Hinder Students Essay

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Technology has become a big part of a student’s everyday life. Technology is becoming so advanced the students do not know how to write letters. The student sends emails and text messages. Cellphones are a key component in some students success in school. Students will use their cell phones for help while taking a test. The do not realize how much it affects their growth as students. They become so reliant on cell phones to do tasks such as remembering information, passwords, note taking, and writing papers. Students in the past had their memory to rely on. Technology hinders students because they become dependent on calculators, cellphones to do simple tasks, and computers do their work.
. In high school, students are taught to use calculators to do classwork, homework, and also take tests. Some students will take college and do poorly because of the choice to rely on calculators. ...view middle of the document...

Students send text messages while their professor is lecturing and when it is time for work to be done they are lost. It is becoming normal to rely on a cell phone to do task students are capable of doing, like reading a book. Students will use their cellphones during a test before they decide to study.
The uses of computers have changed drastically. Students use computers to google answers instead of using a textbook to find the information. They do not use their brain power to understand the information that is being taught. Using a textbook versus using Google helps the student become more knowledgeable. Computers begin to take over the child’s life and slow down their thinking process. Computers can become a crutch for the student. Students fail to realize not only do computers slow down their thinking process it also affects their writing skills. Copying and pasting is normal instead of the use of their own words. Students wonder why they cannot write a five paragraph essay, it is because they rely on computers to do it for them.
Technology can be very crippling in this day and time. Students learn how to operate cellphones, and computers before they learn how to speak. Technology is a part of learning and it is almost impossible to learn without it. In a click of a button a student’s life can be transformed because of a simple picture being posted or text message being sent. They need to learn to use computers to help them think, not do all the thinking and work for them. Technology was made to make life easier not control their lives. What students put out on the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr will never go away. It is ruining or generation and the reason why students cannot get a decent job. It is no surprise why they call this generation the lost generation. Students cannot function without technology; it is just as important as the use of oxygen to them. A student without technology can become a lost student, a poor student, and an underachiever. Students will never know their full capability as a student if they do not stop relying on technology.

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