Does Television Use Sex To Sell Its Products.

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Clairol Herbal Essence, A totally orgasmic or organic experience?Subject: Does Clairol use sex to sell its product, do Americans approve, and what are the true facts regarding this product.Audience: Men and Women ages 16 and up.Purpose: To prove that Clairol uses sex to sell and Americans buy it.Tone: Humorous, informal and serious at times.Have you seen some of the commercials on television recently? Before reading this essay, answer the following questions. First, do you watch a lot of TV? Second, how does it affect your decisions to buy? The media is powered by its ability to project thoughts, desires, fears and aspirations. It basically tells us what we need to make us functional. It teaches us the appropriate responses to certain given situations and so on. The media is responsible for creating and changing the American Dream. The CEO of Ford was documented in April of 2002 stating, "we have our buyers down to a science, by the car they choose to buy we can almost guess exactly what is in their refrigerator." Companies use psychology and design to attract buyers. They know what Americans want. They emphasize on sex, beauty, romance, goriness and fun. Americans never see their lives depicted, only how they want their lives depicted. If they can sell a product that will make them think this will improve their lifestyle, then americans will buy. It will make their lives more appealing. Teams of Ad professionals target this idea and sell a dream. By selling a dream the buyers thoughts are diverted from the actual product, and whether it is good or bad for you. All they know is it will make them more beautiful and their lives more functional.Clairol introduced a new product called, Herbal Essence shampoo. They focused on the fact that their product was totally organic and no "factory made" chemicals were added. Therefore, making your hair subtle and shiny, full of health and manageable. The product hit the market with a bang. It was the first shampoo promising a "totally organic experience". It came in only one scent, called original, was amber in color and had an appealing bottle. The bottle was accented with flowers and herbs and even had a green lid. The scent was clean and fresh. What more could a woman ask for? Clean pretty hair and a pretty bottle. Sales skyrocketed, and women wanted more. However, within months other shampoo companies caught on to the "Organic" band wagon, and Clairol needed something more. Once again they reached for the media.Let's imagine this, a courtroom full of big muscular men, and three awaiting trial, a fine note of the "bad boy" image. All of a sudden, they burst into song, "I've got the urge" and then proceed to thoroughly shampoo a beautiful woman's hair, while she moans and groans. What are you thinking? I am thinking sex, not traditional sex, but a three...

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