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Does That Make Me Crazy? Essay

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Johnson 1Vanessa JohnsonKaren InglisENGL 1204 S11November 13 2014Does that make me Crazy?Similar themes are seen in the play The Tragical History of Hamlet Prince of Denmark written by William Shakespeare and in the song Crazy written by Gnarles Barkley. They share the theme of the struggle to find sanity, and as well as seeking revenge. The song and the play are both about losing one's mind in the instance of getting back at someone who has betrayed the other.Near the beginning of the play, the King who is Hamlet's father is murdered by his own brother. He poisoned him and married the King's widow. Now, Hamlets Uncle named Claudius is the King of Denmark. Shortly after that, a ghost appears in the castle and it is Hamlet's father. He wants his son to find revenge for his death. At first it is very hard for Hamlet to believe. Is it really his father's ghost or is it some sort of demon? Hamlet feels quite hesitant to act upon his father's request right away. His suspicion of the ghost leads him to need to know the truth before he can continue his father's command.The play so far can easily connect the first verse of the song. It starts off with "…I remember when I lost my mind. There was something so pleasant about that place. Even your emotions have an echo in so much space." These lines link to the play since Hamlet appears to "lose (his) mind" when the ghost appears. In this moment it is difficult for him to see what the reality truly is and initiates him to think he is going insane. What is "pleasant" about it is that Hamlet has an insight to the real reason why his father is no longer in the world. In the next line where it is talking about emotions, it can relate to how the words spoken from the ghost have directed Hamlet's mind in such a great way. The emotions that his father expressed has made an influence on the way he thinks. The "space" is Hamlet's mind. Even though he is not entirely convinced the ghost is speaking truth, what was said is stuck in his head. Every thought has been kicked out, revenge for his father is the only thing on his mind.Insanity continues to creep upon Hamlet and it is relevant to what is being said in the second verse of the song. It says, "And when you're out there, without care. Yeah, I was out of touch. But it wasn't because I didn't know enough, I just knew too much." He is feeling "out of touch" because he leaning towards what would seem to be unrealistic. To start, seeing a ghost sounds unbelievable but on top of that Hamlet has begun to be convinced with what he has heard from the ghost. Being this way makes Hamlet feel like he is going crazy. He "knew too much" not to believe what the ghost was telling him. By following his instincts, it leaves him to be "without care." He knows what he needs to do for his father and consequences do not matter.The chorus repeats "Does that make me crazy?" three times and ends with the word "probably." The repetition of the verse can accentuate how Hamlet is...

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