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Does The Management Contract Improve The Quality Of Hospital Services? Survey Of Tehran University Hospitals

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The non-governmental sector is expanding throughout the world today.Public institutions in developing and developed countries with varying degrees of severity and are having successes. Activities of private investment are an important factor in economic growth in developing countries, Economists and policy makers need to consider how long it has been attracted. Policies in developed countries which were decreased in 1980, has now grown increasingly And in the 1990s has been more important.In the 1960s and 1970s, governments have an important role in the development of the expansion of the newly independent nations. In these circumstances the government as the most effective transition for service members was known to the public.Hence the planning system in the city and the country's ability to provide construction to community resources and monitor and control the allocation of resources in order to take effective steps.In the mid-1980s, numerous factors were globally that led the government to reassess and whisper a new development plan in the developing countries was raised (Laamanen et al., 2008),(Palmer, 2000).
Strategic purchasing policy and contract services to improve health system performance are a key policy. Passively purchase health services should often involve retrospective payments to suppliers of services, on strategic purchasing policy which will actively purchasing decisions about the services that must be purchased services, period that should be bought, people who buy them must be followed and the results that we are done.From signing the treaty for the purchase of primary health care in the health needs of special populations (Liu, Hotchkiss, Bose, Bitran, Giedion, 2004),(Roberts, 2001).
Considering that the whole country in the 2006 Budget Law, Hospitals to manage the enormous amount has been allocated as the Board Amnayand also in accordance with Article 9 of the instructions contained in the budget for hospital management, After approval of the Board of Trustees can directly support and service for tasks with non-certified companies qualify based on specific activities,given the workload of each unit price and total price contracts should be transparent (Ministry of Health and Medical Education, 2007).
Signing the treaty for the purchase of health care in developed countries like America, Finland, Holland and England, is common in middle-income countries, especially in Latin America, and Central Europe Karayb management is pervasive in the treaty. In recent decades, Latin America signing the treaty has been a common policy. In signing the convention in developing countries every day more and more attracted to the government. On this basis, in signing a treaty with the private sector in Iran 88 and 192 of the Third Development Plan (1378 -83) was emphasized. In addition to its other regulatory approvals by the Management and Planning Organization and Administrative Council has been issued (WHO, 2005),(Harding, Preker, 2003)....

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