Does The Amount Of Exercise Have An Effect On The Pulse Rate?

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PlanningThe aim of this experiment is to see if the amount of exercise has an effect on the pulse rate. I predict that the more exercise that is carried out will increase the pulse rate. I think this because the increased amount of exercise you do and as the more and more the muscle cells become engaged in doing work, the demand for ATP (The energy used by the body is always in the form of ATP) increases. Which means the demand for oxygen and glucose increases, because you need oxygen and glucose for the body to successfully carry out the process of respiration. Respiration is the biochemical process that takes place in every cell to produce energy.This is the respiration equation:Oxygen + glucose Energy as ATP + carbon dioxide + waterThe oxygen is transported from the lungs to the tissues through the circulation of the blood. As a consequence, the oxygen transfer by diffusion is speeded up, which means that your heart is having to pump blood more quickly to these muscles increasing your pulse rate. These vital adjustments to the muscles' needs occur up to a limit that is twice as high in the athlete, as in the untrained individual.For this experiment we will use various pieces of equipment, including:* A stopwatch* Suitable trainers* A suitable set of stepsWe will use a stopwatch to time how long we do the exercise for; we will use suitable trainers to ensure the experiment is safe, as with a suitable set of steps.MethodFirstly, we will measure the person's pulse rate before the experiment so we know how much the pulse rate changes after exercise. Next, the same person will walk up and down the set of steps for one minute, this will be timed using the stopwatch. Straight after, their pulse rate will be measured. We will then allow an adequate amount of time needed to allow the person's pulse rate to drop down to normal resting pace. If we started the next test and their pulse rate was still quite high, we would not have results telling us how much an increased amount of exercise effects the pulse rate compared to a normal walk. So, each time their pulse rate is taken, we will let him/her recover before they start exercising again.Then, the person will power walk (quickly walk) up and down the steps for one minute, and their pulse rate will be taken. Once the person's pulse rate has dropped to a normal resting pace, they will now jog up and down the steps one-minute and their pulse rate will be measured again. The same procedure will be used for the person to run up and down the steps, and for their pulse rate to be taken.The pulse rate taken for the + The resting pulse rate = Range of five differentFour different speeds Pulse ratesTo make sure this experiment is carried out safely, people exerting themselves will wear correct footwear and will make sure the ground/surface is suitable for the experiment. For example, we would not carry out the experiment on icy surfaces because this would not be safe for the participants.To make sure this is a...

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