Does The Movie The Passion Bring About Anti Semitism

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The Passion of the Christ, by Mel Gibson has taken America by storm. In the US alone, it made $83,848,082 its first weekend. As of April 25, 2004 it has grossed worldwide over $364 billion. Not bad for a movie with a budget of $30 million.
     The movie is subject to a lot of criticism. People are worried about many things. Are the images depicted correct? Is it too gory? What will people’s reaction be? Will any demographic of people get hurt from the movie? A Catholic teacher from California was fired for offering students extra credit to see the Passion. (It is a rated “R” movie) There are many other problems too. Does The Passion bring about acts of anti-semitism? This will be the purpose of this paper.

     To answer this question, I conducted a simple experiment with different variable. The first variable is age. The second is location. I interviewed sixteen people, (eight women and eight men) and asked them the same questions. Four males and females are from the Binghamton area, and four males and females are from the Long Island area.

     I grouped the ages from 18-25, 25-35, 35-55, and 55 and on. I asked each person their faith/religion. I originally asked more than 16 people, but people who refused to answer the question or people of no faith were thrown out. I conducted the experiments at Loews Town Square 9, located at 2425 Vestal Parkway, Binghamton, and Loews Roosevelt Raceway, located at 1025 Corporate Drive in Westbury, Long Island.
     I asked each person six question. The results follow:


Age Group:     


Extra Pertinent Information:
Very religious. Attends services regularly.

Thoughts before movie:
Excited to see a religious movie.

Would you consider yourself an aggressive or easily agitated person?
“Not really. Pretty laid back.”

Do you consider yourself a religious person?
Yes. Definitely.

Do you think the movie will make people angry at the Jews?

Are you anti-semetic?
“No. No way.” (subject seems offended by question)

Thoughts after movie:
“I never knew that the Jews tortured Jesus. I feel really inspired” Subject is agitated

     Do you harbor any resentment towards the Jews?
“ Well, I cant believe that the Jews got away with what they did for so long. I mean, just look at what they did.”

But do you resent them for any reason?
“I don’t know. I mean they killed Jesus. Murder should never be tolerated. So I guess I do. I love Jesus, and what he did for his people, and the Jews should pay for...

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