Does The Internet Make Children Smarter? More Social?

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The internet does help find knowledge and open the doors for good and easy information, but not all of the information you find or see is true information. It could be a mix of things and also the internet does not let you think for yourself, you search,find and move on to something else you're looking for. The web is not that safe but again its not that bad. When you are always on the computer almost seven days a week then you're kind of using it to much if you just use it like a few times a day for short periods you will be fine. Does the internet make us more social? I came up with that it only makes us social on the internet but it doesn’t change in person. The internet is an easily distraction for a lot of things, once you're on doing something you either switch up what you're doing on there or your parent, or a friend tells you to get off of it. From talking to people to playing games everyone is at some point on the internet for awhile. The internet is also making more and more kids lazy to want to stay inside and not want to eat dinner or go to the store with out the game, this is exactly how the internet is getting, just like a game council, it takes your mind off things to sit down and play for about ten mins and then half hour goes by you're still on it. Except the internet has this plus more which makes us want to be on it and don’t want to get off. It’s like when you're on the web your in your zone and nothing can take you out unless you got out of it yourself. I have been at my nephews house and he gets yelled at for not getting off of it because he does not listen to his mother and cares way too much about the computer. I believe that the internet does not make us smarter just more aware to what we know and understand. The internet is a bunch of information that is good and bad and information from someone that either knows or try’s to know what they are talking about. When you research a question you have to be one hundred for sure that the information you just got is correct by checking if the site is legit or not and if it is a site that people can just post their ideas and remarks then probably thats not a good site to get the information off of. If you played brianary games all the time on the internet then maybe the internet would make you a little smarter, When you search for information or find something on the web you just find it and move on you don’t do any kind of mental work to actually take in new things. I have came to my own conclusion that internet is just a big distraction for myself and others, there is to many things that pop up and a lot of things that don’t or are even related to a search question on on google and its all just stuff that has the keywords in that website. Also on some sites you go to have viruses that can be harmful to your computer where you can never use it again. There are alot of negatives then positives on this research question. Another pro would be that its good for school work, when...

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