Does The Internet Ruin Communications? Essay

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The Internet was only created about thirty years ago, yet it is has incorporated itself into the daily life of nearly everyone. One of the most conventional uses for the Internet is communication. Most cannot live a day without using the Internet to communicate with others; co-workers, peers, and family. Several embrace this technology by enjoying the ability to communicate with others where ever they are, whether they are at home, work, or even school. Communicating on the Internet can be used to make new friends, maintain long distance relationships and absorb thoughts that others share to become more intelligent. Some disagree with such constant use of the Internet, stating it isolates people, makes them dumber, and can be a danger to anyone.
Certain individuals have a difficult time making new friends, either because they are shy, or just because society has deemed them to be “different” or “weird”. The Internet helps individuals overcome those barriers while socializing on the Internet. Most use social networking sites such as: Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. According to the supporters of social networking, these websites allow teenagers to socialize and make friends with peers they normally would not approach (Social Network Websites, n.d.). It seems their shyness melts away behind a computer screen and they are able to have any identity they want, and even find others with the same interests. On the other hand, it is argued that the Internet is dangerous. Sexual predators and pedophiles can join social networking sites too easily, and use websites to entice minors into meeting them in person. It is also argued that spending too much time on the Internet can stunt social growth (Social Network Websites, n.d.). The amount of time spent on the Internet is exponentially more than it should be, which causes people to become dependent on the constant validation of communicating with others. Ironically, this need for constant validation often leads to isolation.
Constantly communicating with others could not possibly mean being alone, could it? People are staying indoors more than ever. The urge to constantly post a status update, email a friend, or examine a news feed causes is causing outside activities to become scarce. According to Barbara Jamison, (2000) using the Internet more than necessary can hinder face-to-face relationships. It can even begin to ruin a career or marriage, if not managed properly. The constant need to communicate with others online will slowly eliminate an individual’s offline life. It becomes an addiction, an impossibility to live through a day without the Internet. Dave Rhea (2009) states “Nothing has aggravated Internet addiction as much as the advent of online social media networks.” It appears that so many lives revolve around Facebook, or Twitter, and eventually, these social networking sites are the only thing that can keep one’s attention. Even if someone leaves their house, the Internet is still there,...

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