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Does The Lack Of Exercise And Healthy Eating Habits Contribute To Pad?

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I am writing this paper to inform my reader of lifestyles that can contribute to PAD
My audience will be caregivers who care for people with this disease
I will take the angle on what causes this condition
I need to know can this disease be prevented?

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a secondary result of atherosclerosis and it can develop in any of your arteries. When atherosclerosis affects your arms and legs, it is called Peripheral Artery Disease. Atherosclerosis is when the arteries become clogged with ...view middle of the document...

To find my two on line articles I went to the on line library on the JC website. Under articles, I then went into CINAHL under health reference center academic where I chose advance search in full text. I also used smart text search and used the key words vascular artery disease and peripheral. This is how I found the two articles listed.
Warren, Ed. “Ten things the practice nurse can do about Peripheral Arterial Disease.” Practice Nurse (2013).CINAHL. Web. 31 Mar. 2014.
I chose this title in the above cite because it states things a practice nurse can do for PAD.
Manescu, D, Manescu, P, Nemes,. “Clinical and epidemiological study of occlusive peripheral arterial disease of the lower limbs. “Current Health Sciences Journal (2012): CINAHL. Web. 31 Mar. 2014.
I chose this title because my grandmother suffers from PAD in her lower legs and feet.
Kane, Emily. “Optimal cardiovascular health for women.” Better nutrition. (2012).CINAHL.Web. 31 March 2014.
I chose this title because I found out through my research that people with PAD are likely to die of a stroke or heart attack.
To find my print source I went to JC’s library where I found the medical encyclopedia index under R in the reference section. Here, under vascular disease, is where I found the volume book that showed me where to find the information listed below.
Weber Janet. Nurses’ HandBook Of Health Assessment. Sixth ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2008. Print.
I did a telephone interview with my grandmother’s podiatrist, who is treating my grandmother for PAD. Dr. Chad Chamberlain PDM has been in practice for 12 years and is caring for my grandmother who has had amputations on both feet in the past two years losing all of her toes. Time did not permit me to visit the doctor in person who practices in Battle Creek, MI so the next best thing was for me to set up a phone interview.
Interview Questions:
1. What is the average age this condition affects individuals?
2. Is PAD hereditary?
3. Is it preventable?
I took all the information I gathered on PAD and began my research which helped me to learn more about the disease and better understand how to deal with this ailment that my grandmother suffers from daily. As a result of the information, I put together this report showing what I learned from my research.

Does the lack of exercise and healthy eating habits contribute to PAD?

Warren, Ed. “Ten things the practice nurse can do about Peripheral Arterial Disease.” Practice Nurse. (2013). Web. CINAHL. 31 March 2014.
Warren brings to our attention that, “People who consume a high calorie and high fat diet are more likely to get PAD. Being overweight is a risk because it affects how the body deals with sugar (risking diabetes, or a pre-diabetic state), because it increases blood pressure and cholesterol” (4 of 9). High calorie diets lead to being overweight and other pathogenic issues, and being overweight makes it harder for you to move around so you carry excessive...

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