Does The Media Affect A Child's Behavior?

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Does violence in media trigger children to behave aggressively? Do you know what are violence,aggressiveness and media? Violence is extreme, destructive force or brutality. Aggressiveness means having a tendency of attacking or doing harm to others without provocation. Some examples of aggressive behavior would be yelling, kicking and screaming. Media is the various means of communication considered as a whole: television, radio, magazines, news papers and even video games including the people in their production are perfect examples of media.Research says that, "Children who consume high levels of media violence are more likely to be aggressive in the real world" (Freedman 2). These children are exposed to media violence every day. Facts show that, 54 percent of United States children have a television set and a video game in their bedrooms. This means children spend more time learning about life through media than in any other way. The average child spends approximately 30 hours a week watching television and playing video games, which is twice as much time as they spend in school. In other words these children are boosting their imagination through television programs. Some examples of violent images you see in mostly all programs and video games are slow motion of bullets perforating a body and a knife slitting a neck in half. Now what kind of example are children getting from media?There is evidence that viewing of violent programs and video game on television contributes to violent behavior in children. However media trivial and glorifies violent acts by sending messages to children that violence is an acceptable way to solve everyday problems. When children are growing up they are more suitable to the violent programs because they have not yet develop the ability to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. So by making sure that our children watch less violence in television and play less violent games we are desensitizing children from the outcome this has on them. Having done research on this issue and reviewing the growing literature on this topic, I can say that media violence have an enormous contribution to the children becoming more violent. Our youngest children are the ones to be more vulnerable as I mentioned before because they are in the process of forming their own ideas.Furthermore research show that the way violence is portrayed can make it more or less likely that a child will adopt violent attitudes or become violent. For example, in some programs violent is committed by good guys that are justified and show little visible pain or harm. These scenes are more likely to be imitated than violence committed by evil characters or violence that brings pain or punishment. The national television violence study, has done reports on the most representative and extensive samples of television ever studied, showed that not only has violence remained at high level on television but that the way violence are displayed is...

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