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Does The Modern Prison System Work?

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One of our key factors in our society for the law-abiding citizen is the safety and security as everyone has a right to feel safe in their home and in their community. According to Grierson (2014) more than 1 in 4 reoffended in the UK, 57.8% of the prisoners reoffended whose sentenced was less than 12 months (Ministry of Justice cited in Grierson J., 2014), and penitentiaries have been overcrowded since 1994 (Muffet E., 2013). There are also arguments about shifting control of prisons from government to private businesses. These facts are bringing some questions to our attention, one of which is the purpose of this research as well: ‘Does the modern prison system work?’

2. Methods

This research was conducted by a questionnaire and considered the students of University of Westminster’s thoughts on the prisons efficiency. Seven students were surveyed by the questionnaire that contained six questions. The students were age between twenty to thirty, two male and five female and different nationalities. The questionnaire used Likert scales to examine the student’s responses what they think about the modern prison system usefulness and delivered open-ended responses for supplementary comments.

The majority of the student indicated that prisons are soft places and also they felt that government should put taxpayer’s money into prevention as oppose to just punishment. Five out of seven pupils were indicating that good behavior should not decrease prison sentence. 42% of the recipients were disagreed and 29% were agreed, therefore 6 out of 7 students felt that prison should be a place to be punished rather than the place to be rehabilitated. We can also see from the result that most of the individuals were disagreeing that prison industry should not be privatized and prison is a soft place to make bad people worse.

4. Discussion

These replies basically show that the majority of the University of Westminster undergraduates have a similar idea about prison system.
Interesting fact to highlight and examine the question: ‘Are prisons soft places?’ As it mentioned before the majority of the student stated that prisons are soft places. However there are many prisons around Europe like in Austria where the criminals are getting more responsibilities, more comfort and freedom within the prison walls, as offenders live in one-bed cells which all come with a television set with satellite, bonuses after good behavior and en suite (Muffitt E., 2013). Or in Norway, where inmates have a two-bedroom house where prisoners can enjoy overnight...

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