Does The Natrual Environment Have A Future?

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The natural environment is very fragile and its future can be greatly altered from the slightest movement. The environment is highly sensitive, it can be changed by global warming, increase of ocean temperatures, deforestation or even human over-population. To find out to what extent does the natural environment has a future, one must find the definition of the natural environment. It means all living things and non-living things that naturally occur on Earth and are not influenced by other unnatural. Slowly the future of the natural environment is sinking like an iceberg in the rising Atlantic Ocean because more and more environments are being demolished or taken down for human uses.DOES THE NATRUAL ENENVIRONT HAVE A FUTURE?By Lasith Koswatta Gamage Artic Ice CapsArtic ice acts like a balance, it keeps the polar regions cool while moderating the global climate. Artic ice is like a huge mirror. It reflects 90% of the light that hits it surface. But then how is it melting you may ask? Even though it reflects lots of light the ocean around it absorbs just as much light. Starting from 1970, studies showed that the thickness extent of sea-ice was decreasing2.Melting glaciers and ice sheets threaten low lying areas with rising sea levels. If Greenland ice sheets or half of West Antarctica and Greenland melted the world map would have to be redrawn because the sea-level will rise by 6 meters and some countries will have their coastlines submerged3. Take for example this map of Florida, this is what would happen if the previous scenario occurred.Other low lying countries such as Shanghai with a populations of 40 million would be devastated. Even worse is Calcutta, Bangladesh which has a population of 50 million. A warmer Artic will also affect wheat farming in Kansas. Farmers who rely on cold weather to grow their crops will be in danger and warmer artic would cause the Kansas soil to dry up and lose 10% of its moisture.Globalization and human expansion promotes the act of burning fossil fuels, which is one of the reasons why the arctic ice caps are melting at such a rapid pace. Increased concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere make the oceans warmer and thus leading to the major ice caps melting.Hurricanes and Ocean TemperaturesAs the temperature of the ocean increases so does the intensity of storms. Warmer temperatures cause more water vapor to be in the atmosphere. Hurricanes, or ocean storms, are like engines. They need a fuel and water vapor is the fuels, but it is then condensed and turned into water droplets, this then forms clouds. The problem is that when the ocean gets hotter, there is more water vapor. This leads to more intense and violent storms.Science textbooks might have to be rewritten because they stated that 'Hurricanes will never hit South America', but this was in 2004 Brazil experienced its first hurricane. They lost 85% of their banana crops and 40% of their rice crops because they never expected an ocean storm might hit the...

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