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Does The Use Of Fur In Fashion Need To Stop, Or Does The Fur Trade Serve A Need?

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Rafael Almonte
John Bandman
May 18, 2014

Does the use of fur in fashion need to stop, or does the fur trade serve a need? Fur is the oldest form of clothing and it has been worn by humans for varies of reasons through out history; its natural appearance, texture, fashion, color and snow does not melt during outdoor activities. So is the usage of fur need to stop? The answer is yes, its unethical and it is cruelty to animals and there is just no reasonable justification.
Fur is the oldest form of clothing and it has been worn by humans for varies of reasons through out history. Fur has been used by human as clothing since the ancient times to protect their themselves from climatic conditions. They have been remained popular over the years because of their warmth, durability, texture and high class status. For early centuries, the middle classes in west of Europe and in North America have developed an interested usage of furs as a fashion statement as a way of expressing their status, symbolism, or give themselves a sophisticated modern look. Fortunes of animal fur have been made over the centuries from the exploitation of animal fur to satisfy human needs.
Countless of animals have been killed world wide for fur every year. The most most commonly are the minks. However , foxes, chinchillas, rabbits, even dogs and other animals are also the victims. In 2013, the animal right group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) release a shocking footage of a Chinese angora fur farm of a helpless rabbit being held down while its fur is ripped from its skin alive to make wearable fabrics. (Coleman, 2013) As the animas are raised in fur farms they live in a confinement and fall victims of psychologically resulting in leading to mental behaviors such as rushing, circling, self-mutilation, and even throwing themselves against the sides of the wired cages. Before confinement, a wild mink has a range of free space of approximately 2,500 acres compare to a fur farm cage measured twelve by eighteen inches. The of killings these furry creatures is unethical; neck breaking, gassing, cutting off oxygen supply, lethal injection, genital electrocution, and even anal electrocution.
For this reason fake fur was introduced into marketing. There is an another way to wear fur. That another way is fake fur. Fake fur; a type of textile fabric fashioned to simulate genuine animal fur. Fake fur is made out of varies of raw materials, the fibers are composed of polymers, including acrylics, mod acrylics, blends of polymers. These acrylic polymers are made from chemicals derived from coal, air, water, petroleum, and limestone. These variety of raw materials in theses fur are very useful against attraction of insects, and have a very low moisture making it o dry up very quickly.
Other that naturally fabrics are also used to make fake furs and improve the look and feel of the overall wearable garments comparing to the real fur. These include materials such...

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