Does The Duty Of The Government Include Taking Away Rights To Ensure Safety?

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Duty of Government During Times of CrisisThe world is ever changing; many nations in unstable areas live fast and die-hard. Revolutions spur when governing bodies become corrupt, weak or abusive. Within nations there is an ever-tipping scale seeking balance between the safety and the iron grip of government or the free will of anarchy with no law or order. Using the United States as a template, the land of the seemingly free one can explore the measures that were and are being taken to bring or ensure safety, order and freedom. A government is a protective body, created by the people to uphold their interests in national and international affairs and those who fail to do this crumble into inflamed revolution. Another major point is the government; especially the United States must insure the endurance of the people and the ideals it stands for. A final hammering point is that a government is a necessary evil, corruption and abuse within a government is inescapable but, a standing government can help with keeping peace on an international and domestic levels Drawing no conclusions but facing the harsh reality, the government must take affirmative action to insure its survival and the survival of theses they are sworn to protect even if that means in temporary lose of personal freedoms under certain circumstances.A government created by the people is done so because the people themselves are unable or unwilling to make decisions that effect the larger population and the persons other themselves in a positive way. The first governments ever conceived were despotisms that had a tribal head, in this system might made right hurting the rights of those under it, the only way the leader of a despotism was overthrown was it he did not produce food for the group. As society evolved their needs changed and became more complex, to the point "confused in their ability to identify the sources of their discontent" (Wells). The people endowed the government with the power to provide the people their needs as simple as a road or as complex as a power grid, fell within the governments jobs. After World War I ended in 1918 a large spur of spending with no money to back it started the Great Depression. Unemployment soared to unknown heights and the people could not feed themselves. The government took action and sent checks and created soup kitchens to feed the populace. With varying degrees success it helped to ease the pain of the Great Depression. With this intervention the government was able to save many people from starvation.As time rolled on the economy stabilized and the United States of America geared itself for another conflict, a new power rose in Europe as the third Reich began its imposing reign. At the time America keep a neutral stance in the unfolding war. After Pearl Harbor and the declaring of war on the Axis Powers the government sought out and encamped many German Nationals and Nazi Party Supporters along with Japanese Nationals. For many people...

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