Does This Milkshake Taste Funny? Quality Control Case Study Of Eastern Dairy

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After careful consideration, we believe that this case is about ethics and organizational control and quality improvement. George has been directed by Paul to take shortcuts that will contaminate the milkshake mix with maggots; George must decide how to respond to Paul’s order, and the company must develop solutions to prevent future occurrences of similar problems – flaws in components of organizational control systems and ambiguous situations resulting from management’s unclear ethical stance.
While having maggots in milkshake is problematic by itself, the issue reveals Eastern Dairy’s deeper concerns. The company is rife with symptoms of inadequate control. For example, the night shift ...view middle of the document...

George is clearly placed in multiple ethical hotspots, including poor internal communication, poor leadership, lack of management support, and the need to meet goals. When George arrived on the job, he lacked formal training, which would have communicated the company’s expectations of the night shift. In addition, formal leadership of George’s shift is nonexistent; Paul has assumed this role, and he is not a good example. Employees’ distance from management is problematic, as there is not an open flow of communication between the two groups. Also, by giving production goals utmost importance, Eastern Dairy pressures employees to live by them, rather than by employees’ personal ethics. George, holding only a high school diploma, is more prone to feel pressure from above, and Paul’s directives push George into an uncomfortable situation. Besides these particular issues, ambiguous situations, such as the production shutdowns and milkshake mix fights, occur frequently during the night shift, most likely due to minimal policies and procedures. Ethical hotspots, pressure from above, and ambiguous situations have pushed George into this difficult situation.
In the short term, George must make decisions regarding production and ethics. Personally, George must act in self-interest by making the ethical decision to refuse to follow Paul’s instructions to remove the filters; this choice will absolve George from legal responsibilities, if the company were to contaminate the mix. If Paul reacts poorly...

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