Does Transformative Instructing Require Authenticity And Love?

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Most have experienced a learning opportunity with an instructor who failed to impart information in a clear, concise, or helpful manner. Whether it was a teacher in a classroom or a business instructor in a training session, adult learners go into the classroom or training wanting the instructor to succeed as they are looking to learn useful information which will further personal and professional goals. A formalized training program within a business could provide numerous opportunities to instruct. Other training instructors may have only one opportunity to reach those in attendance. In a college classroom a teacher has numerous opportunities during a semester to reach students. Failure to connect with the students may lead to professional dissatisfaction. This paper aims to suggest positive attributes an instructor needs to be successful.
There are many different presentations styles with one of the being transformative. According to Bolkan and Goodboy (2009), “Bass defines transformational leadership . . . as the synthesis of three components including charisma, individualized consideration, and intellectual stimulation.” (p. 297). Transformational instructors are leaders who are respected and knowledgeable; consider the needs and wants of those who are learning. These instructors provide opportunities to use a learner’s intellect to make productive connections to the topic taught which can be applied to other learning tasks. Is it enough for an instructor to be transformative? No, transformative instructors, even the most charismatic, can fail quickly if the instructor does not come across as authentic. An authentic transformative instructor is a great start and by throwing in a dash of love one may have the ideal instructor.

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In a business environment leaders are looked upon as mentors, visionaries, strategic planners and ethical compasses of the ventures they are in charge of. In a classroom environment leadership falls to the person standing in front of the class or the one directing the path of students in an online learning situation. In their 2009 study Bolkan and Goodboy look for connections between student performance and the performance of an instructor whose teaching style is transformative. New leaders often start by utilizing a transactional style. For example if this project is completed by this date the worker will be rewarded by letting the worker go home early or provide a financial bonus. New instructors can do the same with grades, extra credit opportunities or extending deadlines. The transactional style works as long as the reward and or punishment have meaning to the worker or the student. It becomes ineffective when the worker or student becomes disengaged due to the reward or punishment no...

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