Does Video Game Violence Have Effects On Children?

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This project shows if video game violence affects children.

Many children between the ages of eight years old and ten

years old will be observed before, during, and after playing

violent video games. Looking for violent behavior before,

during, and after playing violent video games is the whole

experiment. The conclusion is that most children have no

problems after playing the violent videogames.

I think that most of the children will be

unaffected by playing violent games. Most

children have the ability to tell the

difference between reality and a game, so

they should act normally. But the others

may have their behavior affected because

of the lack of telling the difference

between reality and pretend.

For my experiment I used a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64,

Sega Genesis, Sony Playstation, and PC CD-ROM. The games

I used were Mortal Kombat Trilogy (on Nintendo 64), Mortal

Kombat II (on Super Nintendo), Mortal Kombat (on Sega

Genesis), Killer Instinct Gold (on Nintendo 64), Power

Rangers (on Sega Genesis), Tomb Raider (on PC CD-ROM),

and Bishouju Senshi Sayla Moon SuperS (on Japanese


The first step I used was gathering a group of children ages

8-10 years old (5 girls, and 5 boys), got their parents

permission, and made sure they had no idea there was an

experiment taking place. The second step I took was

observing the children play together before being exposed to

violent video games, I looked for any sign of violent

behavior. What I consider violent behavior is punching,

kicking, slapping (even if no contact is made), and cussing.

After watching them I discovered that none of them showed

any signs of violent behavior. The third step was letting them

play the video games. I had problems getting the five girls to

play the games, they refused unless I let them play Sailor

Moon first. After that was settled I observed their behavior

and I noticed...

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