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Does Violent Video Games Promote Teen Aggression And Violence?

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It is agreeable that there are some correlation between teenagers playing video games and how it affects the youth mentally. Heavy consumption of violence video games does indeed stimulate a change reaction in the brain waves, but there is no hard evidence stating that those changes causes teenagers to act aggressively and violently. On the contrary, it is a popular beliefs that violence video games does indeed causes teenagers to displayed unpleasant behaviors and actions because that is what they learned and observed from the games. Therefore, parents should limit and regulate the amount of time their teenagers are playing violence video games so that they can protect their children from ...view middle of the document...

Although experts on the opposing side disagree, there is little documented scientific evidence on what goes on in the brain during video game play (Gordon). Nevertheless, there are a few data stating that when teenagers are playing violent video games, some regions in the brain that is important for controlling emotions and aggressive behavior are being decreased. It seems that when teenagers are playing violent video games, their brain shows less activation in the left inferior frontal lobe during the emotional task and less activation in the anterior cingulated cortex during the counting task (Gordon). To emphasize, the evidence shows that there was decreased activity in the prefrontal cortex, but this does not prove that these changes link with teenagers being violent in real-life. Eventually, the results just shows that the teenagers who are playing violent video games had a change in their brain; however, it does not mean that those brain regions are not doing its job in providing its purpose functions that lead to aggression and violent in real-life.
Although banning all violent video games in the United States is not a best solution for preventing aggressive behaviors with teenagers, neither is letting them playing the games for long hours. Playing video games is an excellent way to develop substantial critical thinking skill and help the teenagers to learn positive things from the games. Well-designed video game is an excellent teaching tool, but what it teaches depends upon its content (Anderson). Thus, regulating and monitoring how much teenagers play the violent games per week would benefit both sides because it...

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