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Does Winning Mean Just Winning A Particular Game?

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Throughout the history of mankind, humans developed the way that they entertain each other with. Humans call the thing that entertain a game, which give the rewarding sensation that produce enough dopamine in their minds so that they feel happy. This means that people were playing many different kinds of games that somehow relate to their culture to find some momentarily fulfillment. Then, the way of playing developed by making it as something to compete in. As a result, people started playing to win the game itself instead of playing just to play a game as a goal. Therefore, the concept of playing a game changed to winning it yet having the power for the winner. Then, the idea of playing ...view middle of the document...

Thus, in the modern days there is a relation between sports and politics. A parallel that you might consider of that continuous is the politics achievement; winning sports game is like winning a policy for politicians. However, there has been a huge debate in the recent years about what if winning a game has the same effect as winning a policy that would benefit a particular party. By achieving a coal in either politics or sports, the winning side will accumulate some kind of power. However, sports differ from politics because of its nature. Sports nature has a soft, fine touch that control its fans without any force, while politics force its followers into the policies that they make. This means that the people who follow sports are easier to flip their way of thinking, which confirms why it has power. For example, sometimes one team’s fan could switch to be another team’s fan due to the way games work. It always been the case that the best team gets the most audience. Thus, players are fighting for the power that they can have much better impact on the sport that they play. At the end, controversialists will insist that parallel issue because sports has been bigger than what people think it is because it’s fighting for power. Therefore, sports have the ability to accumulate a form of power that sports could use it in the way sports desire.
First of all, winning a game means winning the whole season’s advertisements’ payoff. In terms of advertisements, the winner in the game gets to have the chance to advertise for many companies that reward the team with a lot of support. This support comes in the form of money. In the world of tennis sport, wearing a particular device will bring a huge paycheck for the winner. For example, if the best tennis player Julia Browne wears the new NIKE+ FUELBAND SE, as a player she will receive a lot of money due to the implied advertisement that she is doing for the brand. Thus, the brand will benefit if she wins, because first the fans will look at her outfit and second her photo wearing that watch will appear in every news casting and sports magazines. This shows why companies pay a lot of money for that simple and implied advertisement. Therefore, the player or the team will sustain the financial status for itself and yet give it more power over the other competitors.
Also, winning a game for a fair amount of times means getting sponsored for the whole season and sometimes as long as the team keeps a good position. Sponsoring means that the sponsored team or player will get the sponsor’s products for free, which is a common concept on sports. For example, the beloved team here in Eugene OR as it called the Ducks has Nike Company as a sponsor to it. From what the author can see, the Ducks get all of their outfits for free from Nike. Ducks’ players get the game outfits form the helmets to the shoes. This means that Nike sponsor the Ducks by providing their players with all of the gear that the athletes need....

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