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Dogmatism Character Of Religion Essay

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“Plato’s Dream” is a short story written in 1756 by the French philosopher and satirist François-Marie Arouet who published under the name of Voltaire. In this story, He explained the doctrine taught by Plato to his disciples. The scene is about Demiurgos, the creator of the infinite space, who wanted to test the geniuses of his supreme creatures. He gave each one a planet to organize. One of his creatures, Demogorgon, received the earth. He worked on it and arranged it as well as we have it today. Because of the magnificent job he did, he believed he would receive the utmost praise from his brothers; instead, he was ridiculed and criticized because of his imperfections that they noted supposedly. The brothers not only criticized Demogorgons’ work, but also seem to have a critique towards each other’s work. Since they were not able to agree with each other’s work, they kept going back and forth in their disputes. To put an end to it, the creator Demiurgos called for peace amongst his supreme creatures and decided to be the ultimate judge. Through his examination of their work he found both great discoveries as well as flaws, which was not a surprise to him since his creatures had a lot of knowledge and imperfections as well. Demiurgos concluded and stated that he is the only one who could create perfection and had the power to give immortality. This fable written by Voltaire is a sharp philosophical criticism of religious doctrine. He is known as a deist, which is a belief or doctrine that declares the existence of a god and its influence in the creation of the universe without relying on sacred scripts or being a member of a formal religion. “Plato’s Dream” portrays the dogmatic character of religion, and argues for principles based on moral. In addition, it denounces what organized religions see as divine revelation and holy books as interpretations made by man rather than an authoritative source.
Dogmatism is a doctrine which presents its affirmation as fundamental truths, undeniable intangible, and uncritically that all of his disciple must follow. Most often, in the religious sphere this doctrine is imposed by force. It is a principle which is opposed to skepticism. With a pejorative sense, dogmatism has the propensity to give to its principles, visions or arguments an affirmative character, imperious, peremptory, and rigid not allowing discussion. The message preached by religion is presented as the perfect words of God without faults or errors; and for Voltaire, nothing is as dangerous as the certainty of being right. He wants us to understand that religion erects into a dogma the most absurd beliefs. Also, he specifies that religion forbids us to wonder about God’s works. In other words, we must accept everything without questioning. The morale of this story is that we should be judged on the basis of our actions and not according to the dogma imposed by men. Voltaire also presents God as a wise creator, remunerative, and forgiving of...

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