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The extra chromosome 21 affects almost every organ system and results in a wide spectrum of phenotypic consequences. These include life-threatening complications, clinically significant alteration of life course (eg, mental retardation), and dysmorphic physical features. Down syndrome decreases prenatal viability and increases prenatal and postnatal morbidity. Affected children have delays in physical growth, maturation, bone development, and dental eruption.Two different hypotheses have been proposed to explain the mechanism of gene action in Down syndrome: developmental instability (ie, loss of chromosomal balance) and the so-called gene-dosage effect.According to the gene-dosage effect hypothesis, the genes located on chromosome 21 have been overexpressed in cells and tissues of Down syndrome patients, and this contributes to the phenotypic abnormalities.The extra copy of the proximal part of 21q22.3 appears to result in the typical physical phenotype, which includes the following:Mental retardation - Most patients with Down syndrome have some degree of cognitive impairment, ranging from mild (intelligence quotient [IQ] 50-75) to severe impairment (IQ 20-35); patients show both motor and language delays during childhoodBottom LineA karyotype will give you complete information about the structure and number of a persons chromosomes. It will diagnose Down syndrome due to trisomy 21, translocation Down syndrome, other trisomies and other structural chromosome defects. While it may take longer than FISH analysis, it offers a much more complete picture of someone's chromosomes.A karyotype is a picture of all the chromosomes from an individual's cells. A karyotype is a test used to check for chromosome abnormalities. A picture of a person's chromosomes is created by staining the chromosomes with a special dye, photographing them through a microscope and arranging them in pairs. A karyotype gives information about the number of chromosomes a person has, the structure of their chromosomes and the sex of the individual. Down syndrome is diagnosed by a karyotype test.AdsTAFE Courses Recognised Courses. Study Anytime, AnywherePronunciation: "Carry" "o" "type"Also Known As: chromosome test, chromosome analysisExamples: A karyotype showed that the baby had an extra number 21 chromosome and thus had 47 chromosomes instead of 46.Down syndrome is caused by an extra number 21 chromosome. But what does this really mean? To really understand what causes Down syndrome, you need to have a thorough understanding of what chromosomes are, and what they do.Packages of genetic informationThe easiest way to think of chromosomes is as packages of genetic information. The human body is made up of all different types of cells and inside each of these cells are our genes. Genes are the units of inheritance that are passed from one generation to another. They are located in every cell of our bodies and they provide the...

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1335 words - 6 pages in a way, but towards you overall mental and physical healthy it is for the better. Maintaining a reasonable exercise program with the correct techniques while staying educated and consistent on how, what, and when to do the exercises. Even though some may argue that exercising and dieting are harmful the over all effect will result in a positive outcome if you diet and exercise correctly with proper education. Despite the contradictions of

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1316 words - 6 pages salmon from your table, it’s guaranteed that he will get it. No. Matter. What. Cats are determined and persistent. In one way or another, sooner or later, they will achieve their goal. There’s absolutely no reason why you should not do the same. Yes, there will be criticism. Yes, some people won’t understand your decision. Yes, the live of a freelancer is a little bit more complicated than that of an ordinary employee. But should that stop you? No. Be a cat: know your goal and work to get it. Period.

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753 words - 3 pages The BBC's Six O'clock News recently broadcast a secretly taped film of animals being abused and killed for their fur at Guangzhou's Fur Market - the main centre for China's cat and dog fur exports. The hidden camera footage was filmed by the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) and shows 'extreme scenes on animal torture: Dogs and cats are thrown from the top deck of a bus onto the concrete pavement breaking their legs. In another

Cats and dogs

870 words - 3 pages 1 новый2 хороший3 должный4 последний5 российский6 высокий7 русский8 общий9 глав

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1666 words - 7 pages Assignment: Sit in a room for 15 minutes with no sounds or distractions, than record what you heard.: Silence?What do you Hear? I sat there silently starring at the wall. I started to see little shapes forming on it creating eye candy. ?Am I seeing something, or was it really happening?? I thought to myself as I starred motionless. I could feel my pupils swelling and my stomach started to turn. ?Was it from the psychedelic drugs I had taken

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895 words - 4 pages Student: Diana YoungCourse: 21st Century Skills: Information and Communication LiteracyDate: 7 September 2013Professor: Colin WitherspoonWhat Do You See in The Mirror?Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and were proud of what you saw, just to step on the scale and feel like someone is playing a trick on you? Weight is a funny thing when you are looking at the aspect of being healthy and having a productive life. Being considered a

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1070 words - 4 pages the trial. The conversation went further into how different colors and patterns affect those around you. Softer, easy colors cause calm reactions and, in some cases, sympathy, while bright patterns and styles cause excitement or jumpiness. Obviously they wanted the jury to be as calm and sympathetic as possible while rendering their verdict. This is not to say that what colors you wear will always work in your favor. In another popular court case

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4425 words - 18 pages it looks."      "Yeah, we know that, thank you." Scampi was pacing around. This loss certainly wouldn't go away. The three were back on Fontenelle's lawn, keeping a close watch on the tree.      "What exactly are you proposing?"      Mustard growled. "I don't know. This isn't working. We need an edge. We never had a real enemy like this. There's no chasing cats around here, it was only ever really in fun and we're too old for that. This one

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