Dogs And Children Essay About Dogs And Children And How They Grew Up In Life. Peter's Township Assignment

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Babies and children should never be left unsupervised with
puppies or dogs. Learning to respect, understand, care for, and
successfully control a dog gives a dramatic boost to any child's
self-esteem. But these benefits do not come by magic. Children
and parents alike must realize that cartoon dogs are fantasy, and
Lassie was several well-trained dogs. Both Lassie and Timmy
were acting. In the domestic environment, both dogs and
children must learn how to act around each other. All dogs must
be taught how to act around children, and all children must be
taught how to act around dogs.
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To improve children's confidence and self-esteem, it is vital
their puppy- and dog-training exploits succeed. Success
depends upon adult planning, participation, and direction. First,
adults must teach the puppy or dog how to act in a controlled
manner, and second, adults must teach children how to control the now mannerly puppy or dog.
Adults should use kibble to lure-reward train the puppy to come, sit, lie down, stand, and roll
over. "Come," "Sit," and "Lie down" are the basic control commands, and "Stand" and "Roll over"
are the best commands for examining the dog's body. Additionally, adults should handfeed kibble
while cuddling (restraining) the puppy and while stroking and fondling (examining) his muzzle,
ears, paws, belly, and rear end. The puppy will soon learn to positively associate restraint and
examination with food.
Provide children with tasty treats (in addition to kibble) and instruct them how to lure-reward
train the now easily controlled puppy. The puppy will quickly learn that training is fun and being
trained by children is especially fun. Families without children at home must invite children to
meet, handfeed, and train the puppy during his first three months in his new home. Young puppies
are impressionable, cute, and non-threatening. Invite family, friends, and neighbors with children,
i.e. children the puppy is likely to meet as an adult.
Instruct the children how to use kibble and treats to lure-reward train the puppy or dog to come,
sit, lie down and roll over. By approaching and sitting close, the dog voluntarily accepts and
enjoys the child's company. By sitting, lying down, and rolling over, the dog acknowledges and
respects the child's requests. In other words, the child asks and the dog agrees. Or we could say,
the child commands and the dog willingly complies. Moreover, by rolling over on request, the dog
shows voluntary and happy appeasement. Quite frankly, willing compliance and happy deference
towards children is the only workable solution for pet dog training.
Additionally, as a major beneficial side effect of lure-reward training, the dog grows to like and
respect his trainer: "Wow! Children are fun; they give lots of treats. Of course, you have to sit to
receive them...but then...

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