Dogs Are Better Than Cats Essay

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Have you ever wondered what the world favors between cats and dogs? Many people have voted, and the dog gained the most votes. Not only do they defend you more, but dogs love you
more than cats. Many cat lovers would disapprove, but it is actually true.

One reason the world fancies the dog better is because they can keep you unharmed and safe. Dogs can make you more protected because dogs are more likely to honor you and keep you safe from harm, but cats just want to be cherished and can’t.
learn how to shield you.

Another reason the world selects dogs is that you can train them but cats don’t pay attention to you and aren’t made to be trained. Dogs can keep you ...view middle of the document...

Dogs also let you know when they have to go outside by using their ears, tails and snouts to “talk” to you so they don’t go in your house. They also don’t puke as much as cats do. Dogs know if you want to be alone or with someone, while cats don’t care. There are also over 400 breeds of dog, so at least one has to be right for you. Cats only have a little bit over 70 breeds.

Dogs are believed to dream like humans while cats can dream what they want. When dogs are in REM sleep, their eyes tremble like ours sometimes do, and cats don’t sleep a thing like humans. Dogs will dream about chasing bunnies to greeting their owner or owners and cats will dream whatever they can think of that they like.

Dogs also are better companions to humans than cats. One reason they are better companions than cats are because they’re excited to see you, while cats don’t really care if you’re home or not. Dogs are better companions because they don’t get mad at you for leaving them at home, while cats do. Dogs will also try to see if you want them or not. This is another reason they are more preferred.

Dogs will also stare at you to try to see what you’re thinking. They try to see what you are thinking because they want to know what you’re going to do next, so that they can also try to see what you want them to do. If you win a staring contest with a dog they are more likely to know who’s in charge.

Some cool facts about dogs are that they came from an extinct creature called the Canis, and we honestly don’t know where cats came from. They also have over 200 million scent receptors, what you smell with, in their nose and...

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