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Dogs Can Be Used To Help Medical Conditions

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In This Article review I will be talking about how dogs can be used as a treatment for many medical conditions. In “How Dogs Can Help Veterans Overcome PTSD” by Chris Colin and “Therapy Dogs Help Students De-Stress” by Jen Christensen they both talk about how dogs can reduce stress and anxiety. “Medical Detection Dogs Train Animals To ‘sniff out’ breast cancer” and “ Pets may help reduce your risk of heart disease” both say that dogs can be used to detect medical conditions like cancer and heart disease. In “Can Dogs Sense Seizures and Heart Attacks?” and “Seizure-Alert Dogs Save Humans With Early Warnings” similarly they say that dogs are nowadays used to detect when a seizure is ...view middle of the document...

“Medical Detection Dogs Train Animals To ‘sniff out’ breast cancer” was an article written talking about how it is thought that dogs can detect the scent of cancer.Dogs are able to detect if there is anything in the air and how quickly it disappears. They have been working on training dogs to recognize cancer through a breath sample.” Pets may help reduce your risk of heart disease” talks about how pets, mainly dogs, can reduce the risk of heart disease by relieving stress.Dogs do not actually reduce the risk but they promote things that would reduce the risk. When dog owners walk their dogs that can reduce the risk of heart disease. Besides that dogs can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels which can determine life or death. Dogs reduce the risk of serious life threatening diseases. Cancer and heart disease are some of the largest killers in the world. Dogs are enjoyable pets which may also save the owners life.

There have been many studies testing the theory that dogs can sense when their owner is going to have a seizure. In “ Can Dogs Sense Seizures and Heart Attacks?” the article states that it is likely dogs can sense when people are going to have a seizure soon. The owner’s body gives off a scent before they are going to have a seizure which only dogs can smell. The scent happens when chemicals enter the bloodstream before the seizure. ...

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