Dogs Rule, Cats Drool Essay

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Dogs are happy to see you no matter what kind of mood you’re in. Everyday when I come home from school my dog, Nemo, is there to greet me at the door by jumping on me and licking my face. I could’ve had an amazing, miserable, tired, or content day and the jumping still continues. Canines are loyal friends and the relationship between dogs and humans goes way back. Dogs are better than cats because they assist humans and show more affection.
Dogs have been domesticated for as long as 135,000 years which makes cats seem fairly new to the household. Both dogs and cats were originally used for reasons that benefited human work. Now- a-days, dogs are far more useful with job skills. When I was ...view middle of the document...

Have you ever heard of a cat search? No. Dogs, once again, rule because without them our criminal count or illegal drug use would be high. Canines have noses that have a small difference threshold, meaning they can differentiate between even the slightest changes in smell. My uncle, Larry, is a police officer for the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District and he clued me in that police canine training takes a long time to train the dog to differentiate between different scents, something a versatile cat is unable to do.
A few years ago, a burglar tried to break into my grandmother’s house while she was asleep. Her Doberman, Max, started insanely barking when he smelled an unusual scent. The burglar, probably scared to death and soiling his pants, escaped the scene before the police could arrive. If my grandmother didn’t have Max to protect her, she would’ve been in for a rude awakening.
The point of having a pet is to gain attention and affection from them as well as reciprocating the feelings back, but having a cat holds those affections back. If you’ve ever owned a dog, I’m sure you’ve felt what a dog feels just by looking in their eyes or at their expressions. Canines have the ability to produce expressions, showing its owner what they want or how they’re feeling, which is another strong connection between humans and dogs.
What’s a dog nap? I’ve never heard of one either. What’s a cat nap? A brief nap used for rejuvenation. Even...

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