Doing Business Between India And Us

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India has a great number of languages in different states which have different official languages. Around 216 languages are spoken in this country. But the central government only recognizes the "Hindi" as the official language of India. Nevertheless, when doing business in India, English is the language of international commerce. Besides, United States does not have an official language, however, English is language spoken for most of the people as a native language, and Spanish is the second most common language spoken in this country. USA has dialects which are the American English and the Canadian English.ReligionDue to the fact that United States is a multicultural nation, religion has a wide diversity. There are many religions practiced in USA such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism among others, but the most common religion practiced by most of the total population is Christianity. In contrast, India is one of the most religious nations in the world. Religion in this country plays a very important role in the people's life. Indian has several religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, but the most common religion practiced by most of the population is Hinduism.CinemaIndia has the well known "Bollywood" which is the informal name given to the popular Mumbai-based film industry in India. "Bollywood and other major cinematic hubs constitute the broader Indian film industry, whose output is considered to be the largest in the world in terms of number of films produced and number of tickets sold." [Wikipedia. The Free Encyclopedia]Like India, United States has the classical Hollywood cinema which has had an intense effect on cinema around the world.MEETING AND GREETINGProper Handshaking"Handshaking is an important procedure in the Western Civilization and has its place in the American Business culture. When meeting a customer or another person the first time, it is a sign of acknowledgment for each other to shake hands. There are different opinions if people should shake hands again when they are leaving and/or meet the second time. Americans usually shake hands when leaving a client, especially if they agreed on working together on something since this is an additional sign of acknowledgment on what they agreed on.The rule for the "American Handshake" is a firm handshake: not too soft and not too hard. Shake a couple of times. Americans always stand and not sit when giving or receiving a handshake." [My USA Business]On the other hand, Indians have a very different custom than Americans when handshaking. As Americans, when doing business in India, "meeting etiquette requires also a handshake. However, Indians themselves use the "Namaste". This is where the palms are brought together at chest level with a slight bow of the head. Using the Namaste is a sign of your understanding of Indian etiquette.Names speak volumes about an Indian's background. For example, a Singh will always be a Sikh. The...

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