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Doing Business In Russia A Cultural Approach To The Uncertain Giant

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Uncertainty is clearly the scenario that accompanies business people when decide to start operations in Russia. In fact, Russia ranks fairly high on the World Bank Group’s index of difficult places to do business and is strongly related by Russian cultural characteristics and the impact of the Soviet past. The adjustment to a democracy and capitalism is not encouraging at all; massive displays of conspicuous wealth and consumption contrast with the deprivation that can still be found in many second cities and rural areas. Incipient, inefficient and corrupt legal system, and low or not protections for the property make investments risky and unstable. This instability leads that almost all the ...view middle of the document...

The tumbling run from communism to capitalism has prepared people into capitalists and centralized management facilitates businesses to take a chance when it take place. Thus, as in most emergent economies, businesses have a propensity to have a short-term view of business actions and it is essential that any possible associate can see the short-term remuneration of collaboration. As a result, when trade with possible customers or joint-venture associates in Russia; it is totally essential to make sure that the right individual is being contract with. Western businesses who try to crossing points at unsuitable levels within an organization throw away massive quantities of time and resources.’ Go straight to the top', is the safest way to deal in Russian Businesses. The person in charge - especially the 'big chief - is expected to deliver direct orders for subordinates to follow. Small consultation will be anticipated from people lower down the company chain of command. Without a doubt too much advise from a senior director could be perceived as a sign of vulnerability and be deficient leader.
Middle managers have little power over strategy or input in significant strategic decisions. There is little point in wasting time debating with middle managers who do not have an easy access to the top. The most significant reason for delay in reaching a decision in Russia is that the decision has not been put in front of the real decision-maker. Delegation is usually in terms of managers giving precise instructions to subordinates who are expected to perform their allocated tasks with little or no discussion. Many westerners complain of a lack of initiative from local Russian staff,...

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