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Doing Business With Russia: The Guisnel Group.

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GUISNEL DISTRIBUTION SARoute de Dinan35120 Dol de BretagnePhone : (+33) (0)2 99 48 47 47Fax : (+33) (0)2 99 48 47 61THE HISTORY OF THE GUISNEL GROUPIt was back in 1957 that Monsieur and Madame GUISNEL founded their Transport company at PLEUGUENEUC in the ILLE ET VILAINE area.They had two basic principles already in mind at the time :That driving is not an end in itself, but an activity to be carried out with skill and gentilityThat a professional attitude is required and is particularly valid where difficult sectors with a high added value are involvedThis was how quite naturally Monsieur and Madame GUISNEL became successively interested in areas varying from delivering funeral monuments, distributing gas and liquid petroleum, transporting furniture and brand new cover-wrapped 3-piece suites, to the rental ofindustrial vehicles.In 1965, the company relocated to Dol-de-Bretagne, and acquired new markets while managing development, evidence of this is the company's presence at :Dol-de-Bretagne (Siege social) (35) Fleury-Merogis (91) Noisy le Grand (93) Vaulx en Velin (69) St Pierre du Mont (40) Chatenois (88) St Saturnоn les Avignons (84) Epone (78) Toulouse (31)Currently the company is made up of :GUISNEL DISTRIBUTION SAGUISNEL LOGISTIQUE SARL GUISNEL SERVICES SAGUISNEL LOCATIONS SAIt's turnover is about 45,5 Million eurosThe company employs about 608 associates and currently has a fleet of over 800 tax licensed vehicles of which 568 are tractors.A single objective for this " mini-Group ": To gain confidence and total Customer satisfaction by the reliability and Quality of the Staff and the services rendered.This is the ideal which motivated Gerard GUISNEL to create his own Driver Training School with contracts leading to qualifications and a Professional Road Haulier qualification. Quite apart from the unusual nature of this enterprise, which is virtually unique in France, the company provides 7% of its employees with either initial or continuous training.Communication (internal and external) is handled very carefully and backed up by a monthly in-house magazine entitled " GUISNEL CONTACT " and which addresses four types of readers :The Personnel, The customers , The Suppliers, The InstitutionsSince the creation of the company, the motivation has stayed the same: appreciation and respect for the products they transport.To carry out their mission, they are ceaselessly innovating and adapting their behavior to the market, using the most sophisticated means.Personnel.More than 450 competent collaborators in their business group manage the forwarding of 10,000 deliveries every week, amounting to more than 15,000 m3 of furniture.The professional training school for long distance lorry drivers that has been part of the company for more than 10 years is furthered by an on-going training led by specialized instructors. In order to train, inform and communicate their customers and suppliers-partners, their house magazine "GUISNEL CONTACT" stands out...

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