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Doing Business in JapanFACTS & STATISTICSHistoryDuring the 1500's, Japan was divided and at war with itself. Three leaders came along, the first being Oda Nobunaga, who is known for being merciless. He showed no mercy to his adversaries and, through this ruthless approach, helped end the wars and created a foundation for peace. Vying for control and assuming leadership after Nobunaga was Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who was known for his intelligence. He built social structure and earned respect as a true leader. Gaining control after Hideyoshi was Tokugawa Iyeyasu. He had waited almost four decades for his turn as Shogun and, through patience and perseverance, the rewards finally came.(Meyer)For the next 200 years, Japan endured a period of isolation from foreign influence. After the 1854 Treaty of Kanagawa with the US, Japan opened its ports, beginning a period of industrialization and modernization. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, Japan became a regional military power, defeating the forces of both China and Russia. Japan then occupied the smaller surrounding countries of Korea and Taiwan. Upon its occupation of Manchuria in 1931, Japan proceeded to launch a full scale invasion of China. Following its defeat in World War II, Japan recovered to become an economic power and ally of the US.GovernmentJapan's form of government is parliamentarian democracy under the rule of a constitutional monarch. The Prime Minister is the chief government officer although Japan's emperor continues to retain his throne as a symbol of national unity. However, the true governing power resides in its legislature, also known as the National Diet. The legislature consists of the House of Representatives and House of Councilors. The House of Representatives is responsible for passing bills and is considered the more powerful of the two branches. There are 480 Representatives and 242 Councilors. The Executive Branch, consisting of a prime minister appointed by the Emperor and the Prime Minister's cabinet, report to the Diet.LocationJapan is an island chain in East Asia between the North Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan. The country consists of 47 prefectures with Tokyo as the nation's capital. The area of the country is about the size of the state of Montana. The terrain is slightly rugged and mountainous. Average climate varies from tropical in the south to cool temperate n the north.DemographicsJapan has a population of approximately 127 million people packed tightly into a rather small geographic area. (Worldbook) 13.7% of the population is aged 0-14 years; 21.6% are 65 or older. The remaining 64.7% of the population is between the ages of 15 and 65.The median age for females is 45.7 years and for males it is 42.1 years. The birth rate is almost 8 per 1000 with the death rate at slightly more 9 per 1000. Males outnumber females just slightly until the age of 65. Then, the ratio falls to 0.75:1. As is typical with economically developed nations, the fertility rate is...

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