Dolce And Gabbana Perfume Advertisement Essay

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Dolce and Gabbana Perfume Advertisement

I will be looking at the advert for the Dolce & Gabbana perfume. This
particular advert is trying to persuade the audience to buy both the
male and female version of the perfume. To analyse this advert I will
be using the key concepts.

The advert has 3 main colours in it. The first is a light brown colour
that is the background to the advert and also the same colour as the
skins of the models. This brown is a warm positive colour, which
portrays a warm positive image to the perfume when you first set eyes
on the image. The other two colours in the picture are black and
white. The white is worn by the male and the black by the female. The
white on the male model could connote purity and goodness, whereas the
black on the female could connote an evil, mischievous side to her.
The fact that they are both hugging passionately could connote to the
audience that the D&G perfume brings the good and the mischievous
together which will appeal to some readers. Black and white may also
be used in this advert to provide a classy sophisticated look.

The layout of the advert is very typical of a perfume advert in a
magazine. The main body of the image is taken up by the 2 models
entwined with only a small image of the actual perfumes at the bottom
of the page. The reason for doing this is so that as the reader
inspects the advert they will be drawn down the image and the final
thing they will see and remember is the image of the perfumes with the
brand name beneath it. This will then lock in the audiences memory
rather than the actual larger images of the models themselves which
are more there just to attract the initial attention of the viewer.

There aren't many denotive levels to this advert, most readers will
have their own connotations on the image. As I mentioned earlier some
of the connotations may include the link of white to purity and
goodness and black to evil and mischief. The other thing that people
will interpret from the image is that you could get a semi naked
male/female like the one in the advert from using this perfume! Or
even if you have a partner, they could look/act like this to you if
they have this very perfume. But of course for each audience member
the reaction will be different depending on their situation and how
they connote things they see. The non-verbal structures in this advert
add a lot to the meaning. The way the 2 people are holding and
caressing each other gives the feeling of them being very passionate
and sensual, which of course makes the audience think that it's the
perfume which has made them behave in this way. The facial expressions
also show the reader how the 2 people in the picture are enjoying
themselves and that wearing the perfume...

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