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Nora's Transformation Ibsen uses the character of Nora Helmer in A Doll House to portray his society's pressing issues of the time; the duty of a spouse, the perception of social lies, and the connection one has to family. Ibsen chooses to place these subjects in the privacy of his character's home, an institution that has let Nora become a "doll" in her own life, being played with by others. This is clearly not a change in Nora, but a revealing of her true character.At the play's opening, Nora believes that she is married to an upstanding admirable man, Torvald, whom she worships. This position of wife and mother makes her feel safe in the eyes of the world because she is fulfilling her societal role. Nora believes that her love for Torvald is so deep that she has put him above all else in her life. Nora has romanticized her love of this man so much that he has been placed on a pedestal. She would do anything to keep her husband happy, but she also feels she must protect him.Nora is convinced she is doing the right thing by sacrificing everything for Torvald's life, even if he would disapprove of her means of doing so. She knows Torvald's feeling about borrowing and that if he would ever find out about Nora's dealings he would be furious. He recites his ethics at the top of the play, "Oh, Nora, Nora, how like a woman! No, but seriously, Nora, you know how I feel about this. No debts! Never borrow! A home that is founded on debts can never be a place of freedom and beauty" (Ibsen, 30). The last things on Nora's mind when she borrowed money were the social and moral impurities she had committed and the effects it would have on her household and life with her beloved. Even the legality or lack thereof subsides in her thoughts. She is only thinking of Torvald's health and well being. When Nora decided to borrow the money and commit forgery, she was not concerned with any issue other than his health. Nora feels this was the right move for a wife to partake in because she loves her husband. She even works to pay off the debt behind Torvald's back in order to spare him any more stress. She is forced by her place in her society to take care of her husband before herself. She takes this oath of marriage and duty to heart and commits a crime unknowingly to protect him.Nora is in perfect innocence at the start of the play and could not even conceive of the changes to come in her life because of the choices she had made. Nora is light-hearted and appears to be dimwitted and naive almost like a "doll in a doll house." Torvald in return treats her with the manner of one by calling her names like "song-bird" and "squirrel," as if she held the function of a child or even a pet. Nora believes she is happy being a wife and mother but this is all soon to change. Her life drastically changes and Torvald's life along with hers. He will no longer have her presence in his life to entertain him and play with his children.In her speaking to Mrs. Linde, Nora slowly...

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