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Dolphin Communication And Fun Facts Essay

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Dolphin Communication and Fun FactsThe dolphin's intelligence, playfulness, and friendliness, its built-in smile and merry-looking eyes have been a source of interest and enchantment to human beings from the earliest times. It is a common figure in mythology and literature and has been much depicted in art, especially in the posture of its graceful, arched, 30-ft leap. However, not only is it interesting to the eyes but also it is also interesting to the ears.For years researchers have been trying to answer the famous question, 'can dolphins communicate effectively?' Slowly more and more facts are being uncovered to help us better understand the ways in which dolphins communicate. There are ...view middle of the document...

, 223).This tool is known as echolocation. Echolocation is better known as dolphin sonar. By listening to the echoes of the sound they produce, dolphins can locate objects and fish with remarkable success. This is termed as the dolphin's "x-ray vision". A dolphin is able to create an acoustical picture of its environment using the pulses of ultrasonic sound, which bounce off objects (Kodat 1-8). Echolocation sounds like a bunch of clicks and squeaks. These clicks are beyond the realm of human hearing. By sending out clicks, an echolocating dolphin can learn about its surroundings by measuring how long echoes take to come back. Most dolphins have a signature sound. A dolphin can differentiate between the densities of objects. What is amazing is that they can tell the difference between different species of fish.Dolphins use this tool essentially as a survival tactic. Echolocation is used not only to communicate but also for navigating and hunting even in dark or murky water.Dolphins use echolocation to find their prey and predator. Once found it is likely that they may use their high-pitched sounds to stun their prey. Almost all the food found in the stomachs of dolphins has been found with no teeth marks. A possible explanation for this finding is the use of acoustic. The ability to echolocate and produce concentrated sound energy in dolphins could have also developed into a prey debilitating mechanism.. It is known that they are able to produce loud clicks that may be used to immobilize prey (Norris, et...

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