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Domestic Violence is a serious crime in which one person in a household beats/abuses another. Domestic violence is usually seen in Partners or lovers. Many people are abuse today- 57% of girls have said they’ve been a victim of this abuse, and 38% of boys have reported they’ve been victims (Watson, Cascardi, Avery-Leaf, & O'Leary, 2001). As you can see, Domestic Violence is actually rather common, and dangerous. Women between the ages of 16-24 have had the largest amount of reports of domestic violence (Bennett & Fineran, 1998; Greenfield et al., 1998). And the shocking part is that teenage Abuse is rarely seen in a juvenile court of law, unlike adult abuse. (Buel, 2003). Abuse can be seen ...view middle of the document...

He was shot though the head, and his father offed himself on the spot. Christie, Jesse’s mother, was absolutely in denial her son had been killed by her husband. He called her over the phone, and told her, “Mama, I’m going to die.” Christie told him she loved him, right before her husband shot the child. Christie said her husband chocked her, told her she was fat and ugly, and useless. but he also made her feel like she needed to be with him, because she loved him and he was great. But, he was not great at all. He was awful, cruel, and to take a child’s life? Disgusting. Some officers couldn’t even LOOK at the crime scene! 2 were sent home EARLY because of how awful it was! Police say that %75 of victims who try and leave the abuser are murdered BY that abuser, and %54 percent of Pitt County deaths from 2008-2011 were domestic violence related, unlike ALL of NC’s %22. ( "'Mama, I'm Going to Die': Mother Shares Domestic Violence Story." Ed. Kelly Hinchcliffe. Capitol Broadcasting Company, 13 May 2013. Web. 12 Mar. 2014.) And as I’ve said before, it is not uncommon to see domestic violence reports! Lakisha Briggs in Philadelphia had an ex-boyfriend who attacked her, bit her lip, struck her with a glass ashtray, and stabbed her WITH the broken glass- IN THE NECK. She was airlifted to the hospital, where she got treatment and glass removed from her neck. ( Dale, Maryclaire. "Trial Set in Case of Domestic Violence Victim Who Feared Calling Police Due to Law." NBC 10 Philadelphia. NBCUniversal Media, 19 Sept. 2013. Web. 12 Mar. 2014. ) And 2 unfortunate women was not able to live through this violence. Alice Morrin of Vernon was murdered by her husband, Jim Morrin, on June 29th, 2009- And Donna Bonchicchio of Middletown was shot dead by her husband, in June of 2005. ( Caito, Nick. "Notable Domestic Violence Cases From The Past Five Years." - Tribune Newspaper Website, 29 June 2009. Web. 12 Mar. 2014. )
And as many, I do not believe in such violence towards each other. It is not only illegal, but it is morally wrong. If you see ANYONE who is being abused, please, help them! You never know, you could just save someone’s life...
in conclusion, domestic violence is a tough chain to break. It is mentally draining, physically maddening, and plain wrong. What if you are to become a victim... or even the abuser? Don’t take that chance! Stand up for victims. The only...

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