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Household Cleaning Products As Teratogens Essay

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Young mother Molly Jones Gray always wished of holding soft delicate babies in her hands, but never expected to have trouble trying to get pregnant. She had many miscarriages, and learned that because of household products she had could not become pregnant. She became part of a study to find out if there were any chemicals in her body that she did not know of. According to the study, Molly had higher levels of mercury, in contrast to the other women in the study. She also learned that the household cleaners she was currently using affected not only her, but also the fetus inside her. Health experts today are trying to examine the health risks involved with cosmetics, cleaning products, and cans (Toxic).
While women are pregnant, do they consider they might be taking risks while using any cleaning products at home? When do women ever consider house-cleaning products as teratogens? Do they ever stop and think that when they are touching and smelling a common cleaning product it might affect the fetus? Why are women so naïve about the harmful chemicals that these cleaning products contain?
Teratogens are any substances that may harm the fetus in their development stages (Crandell 94). Today the most common teratogens are known as smoking, alcohol, marijuana, caffeine, cocaine and other kinds as well (Crandell 96). Each year 1.6 million people die because of indoor air pollution, according to the World Health Organization (The Deirdre).
Women have always been stereotyped as being the mother who stays home and has the responsibility of the household and maintaining the children. Presently mothers work outside the home, but they still have the responsibility of taking care of the household. “One study of 20 industrialized countries found that fathers do only about one-third of the housework, regardless of whether or not their wives are employed” (Crandell 191). This is mainly the reason why women are subjected to being around cleaning chemicals.
The majority of household chemicals contain pesticides and toxins, which can affect the fetus, a human, and an animal. Some of the common causes of cleaning chemicals are asthma, burns, permanent eye damage, organ damage, as well as cancer (The Deirdre). Professor Moore, an M.D., says that household cleaners are not documented as teratogens but then persists that one should limit themselves to the exposure of these chemicals. You should wear rubber gloves for protection and be in a well-ventilated room while using these chemicals (Smith). The majority of the companies are not required to show ingredients that are less than 1% carcinogenic (The Deirdre). It’s sad because teens now a days are becoming pregnant and they might be subject to being around these substances, let alone the majority are not even educated about how these substances might affect the fetus. Each year, more then 700,000 teens become pregnant in the U.S. according to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy...

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