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Domestic Punishment From Saudi Arabia To Sweden

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Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is violence caused by a partner or a family member within the home. Domestic violence includes, social isolation, sleep deprivation, punching, slapping, rape, threats and many more. One in every four women and one in every six men experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, in other words ninety five percent of all people that get domestically abused are all women and ninety percent of the abusers are men. Domestic violence has been around for a very long time and it is one of the main causes of death between women from the ages nineteen to forty four ("What Is Domestic Abuse?"). Domestic abuse in Saudi Arabia is not punished by capital crime, if someone is found guilty of committing physical or psychological abuse to someone within the household then it is punished by $13,300 in fines and up to one year of jail time. Over the past few years’ crimes against women rose by eighty seven point six and crime against children has rose up by about forty five percent in Saudi Arabia ("Saudi Arabia Outlaws Domestic Violence."). The other country is Sweden, Sweden is known for its equality between women and men but still a lot of women get domestically abused, about 1,410,000 in 2009. The law for domestic violence is if a man commits criminal acts such as domestic violence, molestation and many more against a women is imprisonment for at least six months and at most six years depending on how sever the case is. The same punishment goes for child abuse ("Violence against Women in Sweden"). Sweden and Saudi Arabia have different laws for domestic violence because of their different cultures and religions.

Even though Sweden and Saudi Arabia have two completely different cultures and religions they still have a few similarities. The first similarity is a survey that went out to both countries asking what the people think about domestic violence and their opinions on it and most of the people in the two countries agreed that domestic violence is wrong. The European Commission surveyed the European Union as a whole; eighty four percent consider that domestic violence is unacceptable and should always be punishable by law. And sexual and physical violence are seen as the most serious forms of violence suffered by women with eighty-five of respondents in both cases considering that these are very serious (European Commission). And for Saudi Arabia, seventy four percent of online respondents agreed that domestic violence is widespread in society and thirty one percent are saying that domestic violence is part of their culture. While sixty seven percent sat it is never justifiable for a husband to hit his wife, twenty one percent are saying that it is acceptable for a man to hit his wife as long as it does not leave a mark ("Majority in Saudi Say Domestic Violence Campaign Will Have Positive Impact"). The second comparison is that both countries do not use the death penalty for punishment. In Saudi Arabia a lot of crimes are...

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