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Did you know that every 9 seconds a women is being beaten or assaulted? It is known that around the world, at least one and every three women has been beaten into having sex or some rudely thing in her entire lifetime. There are many cases where the abuser is a family member. Domestic violence is that the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sex crime, and different abusive behavior perpetrated by an intimate partner against another. It is a virulent disease touching people in each community, notwithstanding age, economic standing, race, religion, status or academic background. Violence against girls is usually amid showing emotion abusive and dominant behavior, and so is a component of a scientific pattern of dominance and management. Violence ends up in physical injury, psychological trauma, and typically death. The implications of violence will cross generations and actually last a period. Domestic Violence affects all races, ethnicities, and genders. It happens in qualitative analysis relationships, in marriages, in heterosexual relationships, and in homosexual relationships. Most times it is prevalent among girls, particularly migrant girls.
Moreover, force affects the children World Health Organization witness it in their homes repeatedly. The injury no inheritable by being exposed to the current violence or by experiencing this violence directly ranges from physical injuries to psychological and emotional injures. Generally, those who commit violence attempt to dominate or manage their victims. They still do therefore so as to stay their power (“Why Do Men Batter Women” 1; “Domestic Violence” 1). Batterers usually see ladies as objects, have low shallowness, rationalize their behaviors, and area unit possessive and jealous. Abusers could also be seen as nice and harmless to the skin world and should act like that between periods of abuse (“Why Do Men Batter Women” 1). There are not any real causes of domestic violence. However, there are unit theories that attempt to justify why men use violence against ladies. Such things as family pathology, dangerous communication skills, stress, chemical dependency, provocation by ladies, lack of spirituality, and economic hardship area unit problems associated towards the fighting of ladies. However, “Violence may be a behavioral alternative that the batterer should take responsibility. No language or different act is provocation or justification for violent behavior” (Domestic Violence, 1). Victims of violence suffer psychological and physical injuries. Victims could become “masters of disguise, staying home after they are marred… ” (Asher, Elba, and Sugg 1).
Moreover, victims could experience headaches, abdominal pain, fatigue, and shortness of breath, hypertension, or worsened respiratory illness. They will have bruises on the abdomen, back, head, neck, face, beasts, or genitals. Also, “Injured private parts, breasts, or abdomens are especially common in abused women who are...

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Domestic violence Essay

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