Domestic Violence And The Effect It Has On Family

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“Domestic violence is a violent confrontation between family or household members involving physical harm, sexual assault, or fear of physical harm” (Stewart & Croudep, 1998-2012). In most places domestic violence is looked on as one of the higher priorities when trying to stop crime. Domestic Violence cases are thought to be influenced by the use of alcohol, drugs, stress or anger but in reality, they are just learned behaviors by the batterer. These habits can be stopped as long as one seeks help (Stewart & Croudep, 1998-2012). For instance, a child is brought up in a household that is constantly involved in criminal acts. As this child grows up, the criminal lifestyle will be synonymous with his/her behavior. With that being said, it is also a given fact that if a household and its members are surrounded with violence, the relationships between one another will be strained. Eventually this will end up in a divorce or even worse, death, depending on how far the violence goes. If there is violence in a family, then the ones who are affected by it may feel like they deserve it because of what the batterer is accusing them of doing. Battering occurs among people of all races, ages, socio-economic classes, religious affiliations, occupations, and educational backgrounds (Stewart & Croudep, 1998-2012). Domestic violence can affect families in more aspects than one; the husband-wife relationship, the children, and also the financial stability.
“One woman is beaten by her husband or partner every 15 seconds in the United States” (Stewart & Croudep, 1998-2012). Domestic violence can interfere with the husband-wife relationship because one spouse is always in constant fear of the other. This violence could vary from physical abuse to psychological abuse, meaning that the abuser persuades the victim that they deserve the beating. The health of the significant other is in as much harm as is the relationship. “Sociologists found that income, race, age, education, and status to be important in contributing to marital violence” (Pan, Neidig, & O’Leary, 1994). The physical health of the significant other is a problem just as much as the mental health.
Physical health of the battered is visible for the naked eye and one will be able to tell if he or she knows how to spot the issue. “Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined” (Stewart & Croudep, 198-2012). Women are not always the victims of domestic violence; men can also be affected by domestic violence. Every year in the U.S., about 3.2 million men are the victims of an assault by an intimate partner (Stewert & Croudep, 1998-2012). That is a huge portion of the population when comparing the numbers of other injuries that are reported. Men do not usually report physical abuse because they feel as if it emasculates them or that they will not be taken seriously. This could be problematic...

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