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Domestic Violence Counseling Program Specializing In Spousal Rape

1760 words - 8 pages

"Marital Rape Rescue"
Jamie Beals
Proficiency Project: Victim Services
Submitted in Fulfillment of Requirements for
Victim Services - CVSS 1113

Submitted to Ann Lowrance
Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City
April 17, 2014

This program will focus on D.A.R.T, a Domestic Violence Counseling Program, who specializes in spousal rape. Victims of marital rape may find themselves left helpless and unaware of their options to escape the current abusive situation, much less finding anyone who understands their situation. Among many other fears, victims may believe they do not have a justifiable case against their spouse. Here we will discuss what programs are currently available, spousal predators, and what programs should be available.
Current Programs
Oklahoma is a host to many wonderful programs that assist domestic violence victims. The Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General, E. Scott Pruitt, currently provides, Oklahoma Safeline, a toll-free, 24 –hour, hotline regarding information about domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. This program offers a safe and private opportunity to better a horrible situation where victims feel as if there is no hope. The Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General delivers referrals to crisis centers, shelters, and much more ( An additional 24-hour hotline is, The National Domestic Violence HOTLINE. It is also private assistance manned by trained advocates for anyone suffering from domestic violence, stalking, or, sexual assault ( They provide assistance anywhere within the United States, and the amazing part is, you do not have to be an American citizen. None of these programs falls short when helping people with their basic needs no matter who needs assistance.
RAINN, Rape Abuse & Incest National Network, has counselors on hand 24-hours a day, ready to assist survivors of rape, sexual violence, and incest survivors. RAINN insures survivors calling receive the best possible care and help by working closely with local rape crises centers. They offer over the phone counseling or refer survivors to the nearest rape crises center ( In addition, Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault mission is to, “organize and mobilize member programs to prevent and eliminate sexual and domestic violence and stalking in the State of Oklahoma and in Indian Country”, (
Each program specifically designed to prevent violence and help current victims and survivors regain their lives. Resources are fundamental in recovery of victimization by regaining control in a situation outside of normal coping. Without these programs, and many others, there would not be the possibility of change. However, specifically targeted programs for each type of victimization are still very much a necessity.
Rape in Marriage...

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