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Domestic Violence Field Study Essay

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When I was in my graduation years, there were some serious issues. Among all these issues domestic violence is the most attention requiring and with need to have strong law implementation to counter it. Violence against women is now widespread and public health problem. Its health consequences are grim. In India there are several communities which are different in their geography, language and culture. In several places of India, there are scenario that women faces violence on regularly basis are still unspotted even in media, where as it often carry news and articles about young women being burnt alive or dying due to unnatural causes in incomprehensible circumstances.
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Apart from this study world wide data confirm that domestic violence is a universal phenomenon existing in all communities. And surprisingly it is confirmed that women were at more risk of being violated by their male partner than any other. Moreover men’s grant to have control over women’s behaviour is another extension to violence. Irrespective of people’s perceptions, these behaviours have influence on both physical and mental health of women. There are some characteristics, which also play its part in domestic violence such as, women’s name, residence, age education, occupation and family income. The prevailing violence decreased along with increase in level of education between women and family income. However, no evidences are available for this part from this particular research. Some other perception triggers domestic violence like negligence or failure in performing duties expected of women in the family. Some experts suggest that low self-esteem among Indian girls contribute to the women’s acceptance of violence by their husband. In current study urban areas are having more threat than rural areas such as aliment results from developing countries. Because urban social environment is more stressful, alienate, and disoriented than rural areas and some circumstances may influence spousal relations. In Indian societies higher level of...

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