Domestic Violence: Men V. Women A Study On Differences Of Domestic Violence Between Genders

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Differences in gender are represented in every part of life, with the way people dress, sexuality, language, and roles in society. However, what is its effect on violence? We all assume that men are more violent than women, but sometimes women are more violent than men. Some women and men place themselves into respectively dangerous and violent relationships. The thought of a woman placing themselves in violent situations on purpose has been overlooked by our society for many years. The most frequent and stereotypical abusers of domestic violence are males. Males tend to be more of the suspects than the victims of domestic violence because (by nature) they are usually more aggressive than women. Disappointingly, men are not the only ones that are the abusers; men can be victims of domestic violence as well. Women are sometimes found to be the abusers on their husbands and on their kids. Also, the kids can batter their parent(s). It is a huge misconception by our society that men are only the abusers in domestic violence cases.Domestic violence occurs when a family member, partner, or ex-partner attempts to physically and/or psychologically abuse the other member. Domestic violence against men does happen but as a society we do not think it happens and we tend to think it is humorous when a man is slapped by a woman. There is little known on the subject of men being abused by their partners. This is because the rate of domestic violence reported by men appears to be so low that it is hard to get reliable and valid estimates of how many men really get abused. Also, another reason that there is little known on the subject, is because women are being encouraged by the media, law enforcements, family members, and institutions to report domestic violence on their partners, and men do not have this kind of a support.There are some submissive men and dominant women, but do women act out using violent tendencies? Most of the time women probably do not take violent action because by nature women are not the aggressive and violent type. Women are mostly considered the nurturing type; they care and provide for their children and their husbands. A woman being socially inclined to violence is very unlikely. There is research and support that women do abuse men but that is a very small number. The male gender is primarily seen as tough and muscular creatures that protect their women and children. "When your father comes home he is going to ground you," Is the most infamous line that mothers use when a child misbehaves. In our society we expect men to protect our family.Men are brought up playing with action figures that inflict violence. On the other hand, women are brought up playing with baby dolls and learning to care for children through their fabricated doll that represents a real life baby. If women are taught from early childhood how to prepare for their future as a mother and a nurturer what does that say about the men? They are taught that violence is...

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