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Domestic Violence In New Zealand Is The Loss Of Innocence

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It was a few weeks ago, whilst visiting the Banksy exhibition at Canterbury Museum, that a particular artwork stood out to me. It featured a silhouette of a boy and a girl holding hands and walking on a large pile of guns. After giving the artwork some thought I realised that this portrayal of the loss of innocence of children was exceptionally relevant in New Zealand and couldn’t better reflect the growing epidemic across New Zealand that divides families and disturbs children - domestic violence.

According to the Ministry of Social Development, approximately a quarter of children in New Zealand have witnessed family violence and there are no signs of these statistics improving. On top of this, the government are attempting to sweep it under the carpet. Last year family violence was dropped as a category in crime statistics obscuring the nationwide rise with the police claiming it was an attempt to align with the Australian methods of crime reporting. Why should we change our ways in order to closer resemble Australia? They don’t have the same unacceptable levels of domestic violence as we do, instead they have more than double our rate of robberies. This inability to face the issue is allowing the rates to rise even higher and this is going to be largely detrimental to the future of New Zealand.

The effect domestic abuse has on children is enormous. Whether they are witness to violence between parents or the victims of child abuse they are still going to be adversely affected. Children in this situation believe they are to blame for the abuse and may develop anxiety, depression or exhibit aggressive or antisocial behaviours. They are also more likely to exact the same abuse on their families later on in life. This means it is passed down through the generations like a...

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