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Domestic Violence In The United States

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Domestic violence affects a large amount of relationships in the United States each year. As the times have changed, abuse has become less accepted as a normal occurrence, and society has begun working together to provide awareness towards violence in intimate partner relationships. “Problems of family violence are potentially the most destructive in our society” (Kurland 23). Domestic violence is a problem that begins in the home, and spreads to affect the world around it. Violence is present in relationships of all demographics, be it race, sexual orientation, or social class. No one is entirely safe from experiencing abuse, but if society is taught to recognize the signs it can save a life or even prevent abuse from happening.
Abuse may not outwardly begin as a physical action against the victim. “Approximately two-thirds of Americans say it is hard to determine whether someone has been a victim of domestic abuse” (Break The Cycle). The abuser typically starts by attacking the victim mentally and emotionally. Beginning signs that one could be in an abusive relationship is if the suspected abuser shows signs of possessiveness, extreme jealousy, or insecurity over the relationship. More expressive signs of violent behavior would be an explosive temper, unpredictable mood swings, or constantly putting down his/her partner (Break The Cycle). By expressing these characteristics, an abuser will begin to isolate the victim from his/her family and friends. Once he or she has managed to create an attachment between the victim and themselves, the physical violence might begin to take place. After an attack, oftentimes the abuser will excessively apologize to the victim in an attempt to earn back their trust. Victims are often embarrassed by their situation and attempt to cover it up by coming up with elaborate excuses for their visible injuries. “The patient hesitates when explaining how an injury occurred, avoids contact, appears depressed and passive, and cries easily” (Schwartz 23). It is hard for family and friends to intervene if the victim is avoiding giving information about their situation, thus creating a blind eye to the world about how many men and women are actually abused annually.
An abuser isn’t someone you can pick out immediately in a crowd. Anyone can have a hidden violent streak in them, and many know how to hide this side from their victims. “Often, perpetrators of abuse may suffer from psychological disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and other psychological symptoms” (Krehbiel). Mental illnesses often begin to make their precedence in young adulthood, so an abuser may have not always been aggressive. Although, it is also said that abusers could have adopted their behavior due to what they had been exposed to at a young age. “The roots and causes of violence in people’s lives frequently lie in their earliest experiences” (Kurland 23). Violent relationships in a household are a plague...

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