Domestic Violence Intervention For Women Visiting Accident & Emergency Departments In Uk

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Domestic Violence Intervention for Women Visiting Accident & Emergency Departments in UKIntroductionThe emergency department can be said to be the portal of entry for battered women (Olson, Anctil, Fullerton, Brillman, Arbuckle & Sklar, 19-96; Koziol-McLain & Campbell, 20-101). In the UK, it is estimated that 17-25% of all emergency visits resulted from domestic violence and 37% of injuries were as a result of domestic violence (Rudman & Davey, 20-100; Ellis, 19-99). Further data in the UK estimated that 18% to 25% of women attending emergency departments and 23% of women attending their antenatal checks were victims of domestic violence (Fanslow, Norton & Spinola, 19-98). The annual estimated numbers of injuries related to abuse of women attending emergency departments between 0.7 and 1.4 million (Muelleman, Lenaghan & Pakieser, 19-98; Glass, Dearwater & Campbell, 20-01). Three other studies reported that about 2.2% to 3.1% of female trauma patients visiting emergency departments were victims of domestic violence (Abbott, Johnson, Koziol-McLain & Lowenstein, 1995; Dearwater et al.,19-98). In UK, Mackay and Lo (19-85) postulated that there would be at least one case of domestic violence per day in an emergency department serving a population of 300,000. In 1997-1998, a total of 1200 women visited emergency departments in UK due to domestic violence (Kam, 19-99). In 1992, a prevalence study was carried out in an urban emergency department in Australia by random time sampling; 30% of female and 15% of male patients had reported domestic violence in their lifetimes (Roberts, O'Toole, Raphael, Lawrence & Ashby, 19-96). Between 1992-1993, two prevalence studies in Australia demonstrated that 1 in 5 women who visited emergency departments were victims of domestic violence during their lifetimes and 1 in 50 women was a current victim (Roberts, O'Toole, Lawrence & Raphael, 19-93).Of the few studies pertaining to battered women that have been carried out in UK, the main focus concerned their life experience in their community rather than in acute hospital settings. Knowledge about the prevalence and the identification of battered women in emergency settings is lacking. Results from overseas studies indicate that battered women may enter the health care system via the emergency department (Walton-Moss & Campbell, 20-101; Olson et al., 19-96). Below is the literature search reviewing battered women studies in UK.Identification of battered women in UKIn 1999, Chan conducted a study among 107 UK females who were former or current residents of one women's shelter and 84 of their children were interviewed using two separate sets of questionnaires. Adult clients were required to fill out a questionnaire composed of four different sections. The first section of the questionnaire collected demographic information such as education background, employment status, family income and housing situation. The second section of...

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