Domestic Violence: Men Are Victims Too

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Domestic violence is a very serious problem that affects numerous men, women, and children in the United States and around the world. It is a topic that not everybody likes to talk about. Although countless families experience domestic violence, the people around them don’t know it because it is a very difficult subject to discuss. Although both man and woman can be victims of domestic violence, women are more likely to report their abuse than men are. This is why domestic violence is often thought of as violence against women. No other perspective is considered, and this one sidedness hides the male victims of domestic violence.
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When most people think of domestic violence, they think of a big strong and drunk man beating the life out of a small, frail woman (Dutton, White). They see that small, frail woman’s face full of bruises and marks that illustrate what her abuser has done to her. But those same people don’t think of the men that have scratches and marks of their faces because of their wives or girlfriends hitting them. Most men who are abused don’t fight back because they don’t believe in hitting women (Dutton, White). Because of this respect that they have for the opposite sex, it allows their partner to abuse that respect and mistake their respect for weakness. Because most men don’t hit women, some women slap, scratch, and push their men when they get into an argument. People might not think of this as domestic violence because the woman is the one doing it, but any form of violence, whether it’s physical, mental, or verbal, is domestic violence (Dutton, White).
People think that men can’t be victims of domestic violence because “men are stronger than women”. This is a myth that women everywhere have tried to eliminate. Women can be just as strong, if not stronger than some men. The misconception that women are weaker than men is a product of a patriarchal society. There can be no logical statement saying which sex is stronger. Every person is different. There are some men who are extremely athletic, and there are some who have never touched a sports ball in their life. There are some women who can play sports with the best of them, and there are some who are afraid to break a nail. Men and women are alike and different from their same sex and the opposite. That is why you can’t make one superior than the other.
Studies conducted about domestic violence have shown that when asked, 19% of women said that they had; at some point in their life, received threats or force from their current or former partners. When asked the same question, at less than half the percentage of women, only 8% of men said they had endured threats or force (Gadd, et. all). These percentages may not be fully representative, because some participants may have been too embarrassed to disclose their abuse. This is even more so for men. It is a well-known fact that men underreport their abuse. When the male participants of the study were asked if they considered themselves to be victims, four out of five women said they considered themselves to be victims. When the men were asked if they considered themselves to be victims, only one out of three said yes. The other two out of three men were determined by the surveyors to have less likely been victimized repeatedly or brutally injured (Gadd, et. all). A few of the men in the study said that the only time they hit their wives was when they were hit by them first. But even these men said that the fights between them and their wives were never “serious” and never ended in the police being called. One of the men said that his wife would...

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