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Domestic Violence: Time To Speak Out

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More people are concerned with why women stay in abusive relationships than why men are abusing women. With that being said, both men and women are capable of torturing one another. Today domestic violence is illegal in every province across Canada. However, confusion about weather this is a public or private matter has not been answered. I am here today to not only inform you about domestic violence, but to also persuade you to publicly speak out about domestic abuse.
Domestic violence takes place every single day, in households across the world. Several people think domestic abuse takes place only in underprivileged families, but that is far from the truth domestic abuse affects people of all ages, ethnicity and classes. The abuser is just as likely to have a white collared occupation as they are unemployed.
To many times our society sits back and witness’s abuse take place on innocent victims. Nevertheless, not much is done to raise awareness. Sometimes domestic violence is kept hidden, in ways that are difficult to pin point to the outside world. Eighty- three (83) percent of all police- reported domestic assaults are against women. Within, that eighty-three percent forty (40) percent of the women have admitted that their abusers hit them on parts of their body that do not show, or only become violent when the children are asleep. Their partners tend to become a ‘true gentleman’ or an ‘all round nice guy’ when appearing in public settings. With statistics like this it makes you wonder what people are hiding beneath that smile.
Domestic violence ranges from various degrees such as verbal which would consist of threatening to kill her/him, threatening to kill the children, family members or pets, threatening to commit suicide, making humiliating or degrading comments about one’s body or...

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